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Naval Operations Concept 2010 Released

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  • Naval Operations Concept 2010 Released

    Naval Operations Concept (NOC) 2010 was released this week (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

    Understandably, everyone will probably jump to Chapter 10 - Force Structure to see how aligned the document is with SECDEF Gates' recent comments at several professional conferences. (hint: there is little dissension in this document, at least to this reader)

    I've had two passes over this document but will reserve the deep-dive for the long weekend coming. Some common themes and interesting highlights I noted though:
    • A distinction of blue, green and brown water ops - although I'm still in disagreement that there is enough thinking on how to effectively apply strategy to the latter two types of water
    • Not a great departure from the last known official Strategy Doc - CS-21
    • The COIN Lite being espoused (where local forces are doing the heavy lifting with US soft support) is embodied in Maritime Joint Ops and Maritime Security sections
    • This coincides with the emphasis on a more regional approach to deployment and security
    • For those of you sweating what the future of the CV is, there is clear endorsement of the 3-2-1 strategy, so the eleven carriers future is still in doubt (that's on top of 3 deployed, so 9 total)
    • Area-access/denial, HA/DR, BMD and non-kinetic options (read cyberwar) were big bullets
    • Despite SECDEF Gates open thinking about future amphib ops, MAGTF lives
    • SSGNs will have a limited life - but they didn't say Zumwalt was the answer
    • Like it or not - LCS will carry on

    So there you go. It's important to note this does NOT imply doctrine or tactics. As it clearly says in the beginning of the document, NOC2010 is the method by which the Navy will execute the Strategy of CS-21. Happy reading all!