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Welcome to The Staff College!

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  • Welcome to The Staff College!

    Welcome to The Staff College!

    The Staff College is a forum for member-written article submissions of a strategic or operational nature, as well as article and book reviews. This forum is academic in format, and the rules will be strictly enforced.

    All new thread submissions in this forum will placed in the moderation queue, and will be posted upon approval of the forum staff. Fair warning, in replying to topics, if you post anything that harms the quality of discussion you will be warned and your privilege to access this forum may be removed.

    This forum is moderated by Major Shek, United States Army, with the full assistance and backing of the rest of the forum staff.

    As time progresses, we aim to make this forum a valuable resource for members of our community, including the upstanding professionals and of the military and defense industry who use our forum.

    On behalf of the World Affairs Board Staff,

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