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    Most I know who emigrated from Iran in the 70s did not return later on and never planned to; however the actual reason for that was that those were teenagers in the 70s who were pretty much dodging the draft under the Shah, and were definitely so not going back in the 80s while the war with Iraq was going on. Not when there were another 15,000 Iranian teens being smuggled out of the country and into Germany for the sole reason of avoiding to have to serve in that war - and those 15,000 kids represented about one third of all Iranians fleeing Iran for Germany during that time. Rather notably the overall immigration numbers of Iranians dropped off extremely after the war ended (and, frankly, after the regime had already cracked down on Shah supporters in Iran in the mid-80s).


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      Originally posted by Double Edge View Post
      "Death to Khamenei"

      They're upset about something
      Not Something, Almost everything!!!


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        Originally posted by kato View Post
        Most people who have been to Iran - including Iranians - that I know would spit at that highlighted part. Although this may be a generational thing, like those protests alse seem to be. The Iranians that I know mostly fled from 1- Reza Pahlavi's CIA-installed and -sponsored regime during the 60s and 70s as adults. 2- The people who seem to be out on the streets now in Iran mostly weren't even born in '79.
        1- Reza Shah ??? They are all liars. Even they don`t know history of their own Country!!! He Was dead!!! Last King of Iran, Was his Son, Mohammad Reza.
        2- Yes. That`s Right. They Are new Generation.