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Iran Captures Iraqi Oil Fields In Disputed Region

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  • Originally posted by Officer of Engineers View Post
    A lot of stars should have been fired ... I have yet to see retirement en massed though.
    I remember reading the official American military analysis of that war a couple years ago. It struck me as scathing (as much as a polite official document as that document is allowed to be) on the Israeli general that was in charge for the majority of the conflict.


    • I know i'm kind of late for the discussion,but nevertheless,i believe these should be also considered for people who happen to take an interest on this debate:

      Originally posted by Kermanshahi View Post
      Iran has a more powerfull military than any of it's neighbours.
      Not a match for TAF by any means especially on an offensive.Even if your assumption about Iranian Army were true, Iran can not risk provoking Turkey ,in times like these.

      Originally posted by Kermanshahi View Post
      Only 2 of our neighbours actually have a military which could fight a proper war with Iran, the rest woldn't even be able to hold out a few weeks.
      Originally posted by Kermanshahi View Post
      For one, Iran could reach Baku in 2 days,
      Well some of that "rest" is not alone by any means. So you could forget about reaching Baku in 2 days.That'd mean crossing Turkey,Russia and then EU,let alone US in order to mess with Azerbeijan.

      Because for all of 3,despite the competition between Russia vs. EU/TR ,there is this:

      Baku-Tiflis-Ceyhan-Pipeline ? Wikipedia

      i'm quite sure that they'd unite in some way against any Iranian incursion on Azerbeijan.

      Oh btw did i mention Turkish response in 2001?


      Iran Warns Against Turkish Warplanes' Visit to Azerbaijan

      " Tensions between Iran and Azerbaijan have been running high since an Iranian warship last month threatened to fire on an Azeri oil research ship in a sector of the Caspian Sea claimed by both countries.


      The minister issued the warning following an Azeri announcement that the Turkish warplanes will arrive in Baku on Thursday to coincide with a visit by Hussein Kivrikoglu, chief of staff of the Turkish army.

      Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi has warned against the scheduled arrival of 10 Turkish F-16 fighter jets on Azerbaijan's soil, the official IRNA news agency reported Wednesday."
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