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What happens if we fail in Libya?

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    Originally posted by Officer of Engineers View Post
    1) AQ Khan's help was limited. Except for the CICH-4 warhead, the Pakistani blueprints were duds. Without access to Pakistani data or testing, it would be debateable that Iran can deduced what went wrong simply by looking at the designs.

    2) AQ Khan can only do one project at a time. He could export only so many centerfudges. Dividing them between two customers was not going to make anyone happy. Thus, a bidding war. Libya was not going to win that one.
    Ok, so he lost his bid. But two things happened as a result.

    He gave up his nuke program but also ended up betraying the AQ Khan network.

    The first bit i can understand given it was a bridge too far to cross but the second consequence is harder to understand. Was that by design on his part or did we get lucky with intercepting a ship that had the parts and therefore evidence leading back to AQ Khan.

    For now chance seems a little bit too much, nobody allows this to happen. So losing the bid must have created enough bad blood between Gaddafi & AQ Khan to the point he did not have any qualms exposing him. If Gaddafi cannot get nukes then no other wannabes should have them either.


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      Look at the timing. Saddam just lost the war and the US was looking for a new enemy. BTW, the US knew of Libyan nuclear intentions. Coming clean was Qaddafy's survival mechanism kicking into gear.