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Which Arab/Middle Eastern country would be next?

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    Originally posted by Kevin Brown View Post
    True to Algeria,

    As there is talk of massive protests throughout the country coming up very soon. Even though Algeria did see large demonstrations before and after what happened in Tunisia as we all know.
    The middle classes did not join in last time in Algeria and it fizzled out , what makes this time different ?


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      Originally posted by bigross86 View Post
      No one is really quite sure. Bibi is trying to hold onto his government, so he's promised to lower taxes amidst threats from his own party in both directions. Some are saying he'd better lower taxes or else they'll be voted out. The others are saying that the budget is dependent on these price and tax hikes and that lowering the taxes means that there will be cutbacks across the board which will lead to elections and they'll be voted out...

      Catch 22 for BiBi .... what is the alternative? what would the next guy be able to do differently .... and who is that most likely going to be?