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World pressure mounts on Hosni Mubarak

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  • World pressure mounts on Hosni Mubarak

    • will Mubarak step aside?
    • is Mohammed El-Baredei the man to take the reins in Egypt?
    • if Mubarak falls on his sword, what further impact will this event have on the wider Arab world?

    Egypt protests: Hosni Mubarak under world pressure

    Leaders from the US, UK, France and Germany have urged Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak to avoid violence and enact reforms as protests continue.

    In Cairo, thousands of demonstrators have ignored a curfew. The army is standing by and not intervening.

    Mr Mubarak has appointed his first ever vice-president and a new prime minister as he struggles to regain control after five days of street demonstrations.

    Afterwards, the White House said it would continue to focus on "calling for restraint, supporting universal rights and supporting concrete steps that advance political reform."

    There was a similar call from the leaders of Britain, Germany and France.

    "We call on President Mubarak to avoid at all costs the use of violence against unarmed civilians, and on the demonstrators to exercise their rights peacefully," said Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Nicolas Sarkozy in a joint statement.
    At least 74 people have been killed since Tuesday, and looting is ongoing.

    US President Barack Obama met national security officials on Saturday to discuss the situation in Egypt. [/QUOTE][/QUOTE]
    Source: BBC News
    BBC News - Egypt protests: Hosni Mubarak under world pressure
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