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ElBaradei Under House Arrest as Demonstrations Rock Cairo

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  • ElBaradei Under House Arrest as Demonstrations Rock Cairo

    Egyptian authorities also placed opposition politician Mohamed ElBaradei under house arrest on Friday. Earlier in the day, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and his supporters had joined forces with protesters. After being shot at with a water cannon, ElBaradei retreated to a mosque that was then circled by police. In the surrounding streets, police fired canisters of tear gas in order to prevent anyone from leaving the mosque. The tear gas canisters also caused several cars to catch on fire and several people suffered burn injuries.

    The opposition Muslim Brotherhood has also supported the protests. The Islamist group stated Friday that five leaders and five former members of parliament had been arrested. The Egyptian government announced a nightfall curfew across the country, but demonstrators appeared to be ignoring it as evening progressed. Mubarak announced that he was going to address the nation on Friday evening.

    Some of the rallies on Friday developed spontaneously, wherever protesters found the courage to gather together. "Join up, join up," a woman yells at passers-by on one of the bridges spanning the Nile River. Just as quickly as knots of protesters form, however, the police move in to try to disperse them.

    Al-Jazeera has reported on Friday that protests are taking place across the country. And in Cairo, while quarters outside the city center are calm, security personnel are to be found on almost every street in central quarters. The protests, however, have continued. Only Tahrir Square, where tens of thousands gathered on Tuesday, is quiet as police have completely sealed it off, though demonstrators were pushing toward the square in the late afternoon.
    Protests in Egypt: ElBaradei Under House Arrest as Demonstrations Rock Cairo - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

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