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Saudi oil strikes

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    Originally posted by Ironduke View Post
    This is Mr. T:

    Miss those days : )

    Saw a comment elsewhere and found it amusing how no one referred to the President that way.

    It does make him sound like an anonymous patient in some medical test study


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      Originally posted by WABs_OOE View Post
      Interesting delima.

      Let's face it. The Saudi armed forces are essentially mercs. Retired Pakistani soldiers manned entire regiments in Saudi Arabia and it's policy to have instructors fly patrol or be a wingman everytime a Saudi royal pilot (only royals are allowed to fly AF planes) go up.

      The Saudis have 450-600 Chinese DF-3/DF-21 missiles in the RSSMF and they're manned by ... tut-ta-tum ... Chinese "engineers". To date, no Saudi missile crew has passed qualifications to fire off these missiles. It would be extremely interesting if Beijing would allow these "engineers" to fire off Chinese rockets against Iran.

      Originally posted by WABs_OOE View Post
      PATRIOTS are the wrong system for this. AAA is much better suited for this. However, we have fallened behind on this as we limited ourselves to the CIWS wheras the Russians have the much better ZSU-23-4.

      As for the mercs, they're at the mercy of Saudi Commanders. The 2IC maybe a merc and maybe the actual CO but the Saudi Royal is the one signing the paychecques. If they don't want you out scaring the locals but doing your job, then you're not scaring the locals. The Royals do not want the locals to know that they trust foreign mercs more than their own people.
      Desert Storm ? Female american soldiers without head scarves caused quite the stir in the kingdom. Add to the fact they were not muslim.

      I don't this is an issue with Paks.

      How about their trained mercs ie Paks just failed at their job to intercept those missiles ?

      The Paks have proven themselves to be lousy allies to the Americans in Afghanistan.

      Now it is the Saudi's turn to realise it