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What ISIS really wants

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  • What ISIS really wants

    Over at the Atlantic, looks to be a fascinating read.

    What ISIS Really Wants - The Atlantic

    Author uses amongst others, two sources, Anjem choudary (whose exploits we know of ) and someone in Melbourne called Musa Cerantonio. Once posted people who supported the group complimented the author on his description of them, they thought he got them right but at the same time also considered him an enemy. Frenemy ?
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    I found these two articles from the National Interest magazine.

    From what I understand after reading the article posted by the OP, ISIL is an organization that operates much like an Islamic version of the Christian Dominion Theologists in Western countries, only that ISIL is actually conquering territory with the intention of bringing to pass visions mentioned in the Quran. Lest I can be accused of reading right-wing propaganda, ISIL is a bigger threat than most people realize, especially since it is setting out to create a physical caliphate, not just an ideological one.


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      Interesting Article DE.
      So it seems that Obama for once actually has the right idea, keep the US in the background with airstrikes only.
      Ground fighting to be done by proxies of varying quality.
      No infidels attacking the caliphate and granting them what they want.
      For Gallifrey! For Victory! For the end of time itself!!


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        This is an ideological fight that the arabs have to win. I say arabs as opposed to muslims in general because it continues to be a middle eastern fight, isn't gaining much traction in south Asia. Not even in Pakistan. The number of people going to the battle field from south asia continues to be nominal.

        guns and bombs will only blunt it. Can only fight ideas with better ideas. So a counter narrative has to be created, sustainably propagated with credible alternatives. Not seeing much from that angle. The arabs don't view this an existential or ideological fight, its a rebellion that can be countered with arms and other means.

        If there was more freedom in the arab world then that is the best defuser for the situation, but more freedom in the arab world is viewed by rulers as an existential threat (!)


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          ME in crusade mode since a long time and normal but amplified for everyone through social media. Battle for the flag between the more pure vs lesser pure.


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            Crocodylus, this has been a stated goal since their outset. This is also why myself and others believe ISIL/ISIS are in bed with the Ba'ath. But, that notion around here didn't gain any traction despite overwhelming evidence and entirely parallel goals. Ask some folks around here and the Ba'ath party simply disappeared (right...). Regardless, this is a war for hearts and minds, not the type of thing that the US would have much luck in anymore. It is best left to the countries that are fighting for their own people and borders. If they can't be bothered to stand up for that, I see no reason the US or the west should have to either.
            "We are all special cases." - Camus


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              The US left Iraq with a fighting chance. Then Maliki took over and decided he wanted a shiite militia. Slowly the sunni officers got replaced and the balance shifted towards the shiites. This is zarqawi v2, more successful than v1.