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Palestinians Want To Declare Statehood, But They Don't Even Have Unified Leadership

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    A civil war helps nobody at all, especially the ones doing the dying. If the civil war can be avoided by postponing the declaration or by having elections why not do either of those? I'll tell you: Power plays and personal honor. The people leading the Palestinians care more about how they look than about their actions and how they affect the people they are meant to be leading.
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      If the only obstacle about the statehood of that land is possibility of civil war breaking afterwards, there is no reason to postpone it.

      Having elections in Palestine at the moment most probably would Hamas into power and later they wont be able to gain statehood being led by known terrorist organization is your guess?

      As I said, there are other obstacles for the statehood in September like:

      - the borders
      - recognition of the State of Israel

      The new country can be set under temporary rule appointed by the UN (like Kosovo and Bosnia) until the state doesn't get all the organs functional and elections are held.
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