King Mohammed of Morocco proposes Constitutional changes, but is it enough?

The Moroccan King seems to be trying to do the right thing. He has at least taken some measures that remove power from him and instead are given to the Prime Minister, called the President of the Government, and to the Legislature.

it seems the King's speech was more a rhetorical play on words and didn't actually address their demands. It is, however, a good start towards democracy. English democracy developed over 100's of years slowly taking power from the King and giving it to the Parliament. As a first step, this was a good move.
That is true...democracy took hundreds of years in England to develop into what it is today, so I think it is smart to think that it is impossible to create over night. But at least the first steps are being made.

The same applies for all countries currently involved in the Arab Spring. Democracy almost has to happen in several steps. What is most important initially is making the dictators subject to the law and not above it. Then over the years, they can continue the reforms they see as necessary.