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    I thought this was worthy of discussion. Itís from an article by Soldiers for Truth.

    We need to get over this PC mindset once and for all. The insurgency terrorists will take their entire country down with them if given the chance. We need to use every resource at our command to obliterate these deviants, and hopefully thereby discourage future would-be combatants.
    They seem to be aptly named. What do you think?

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    Its a nice quote hence, i'm posting it here.

    Cheers!...on the rocks!!


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      Originally posted by Leader
      I thought this was worthy of discussion. Itís from an article by Soldiers for Truth.

      They seem to be aptly named. What do you think?
      The article seems to be advocating a return to torture ("rough interrogations") as a necessary part of a winning strategy. This would be a PR nightmare, as demonstrated by the press coverage of "prisoner abuse". Going covert with the "rough interrogations" isn't viable either, since widespread use of such tactics would inevitably become public knowledge.

      The Romans and the Mongols were successful at quelling insurgencies, but their methods were quite different. The Mongols used sheer terror to enforce their rule. When a city was captured, all of the defeated ruling class were put to death, since they would be the likely leaders of any revolt. Any city which did revolt was exterminated. The Mongol method was so successful that they needed no occupying forces: the fear of merciless reprisal was enough to keep their subjects in line. Needless to say, employing Mongol tactics in today's world would not be morally acceptable.

      The Romans were a bit more civilized. When they occupied captured territory, they did not kill the enemy soldiers. They made slaves of them. The Romans also brought their civilization to the conquered territory; building roads, aqueducts, seaports and advanced technology. They won the local population over by making their lives better.

      That last part, "making their lives better", is the real key to success in Iraq. However, the insurgency knows this quite well and is doing everything in their power to prevent Iraqi reconstruction.

      Since your article quotes Sun Tsu, I will as well: "You cannot conquer a people until you conquer their hearts". So, the insurgency needs to be defeated politically. Holding the elections is a good place to start. Having enough troops to secure the cities and borders is important, but most important of all is convincing the Iraqis the the US is not an occupying force, that we do intend to leave when the Iraqis are capable of governing themselves.

      The Baathist insurgents claim to be fighting to rid Iraq of "occupiers". We need to turn that message around: the only thing keeping the "occupiers" in Iraq are the Baathist insurgents.


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        "Terrorists everywhere need to be convinced that these tactics wonít work. They need to get Sun Tzuís age-old message: If you canít win, donít fight!"

        bit of a two way street that?

        how much evil do you need to do to do good?

        People get into these things and then start asking the questions?

        all that is happening is a classic example of traveling up the escalation/measure chain. you just have to keep going until when?

        undermining insurgency legitimacy is achieved how?

        the Sunni insurgency is yet to be defined in any useful terms moreover defining it is unhelpful as its a divisive in heightening ethnic divisions.

        The article isn't so much as incorrect as it is a indicator on the way things are going..

        if all you new ideas mimic how to oppress a population with torture and the such like some would argue you are on a high road to nothing.