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Russia-Venezuela naval exercises begin

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  • Originally posted by Dreadnought View Post
    Its all good and understood. Our CV's are now all nuclear powered. The only fossil fueled ones we have we keep in reserve just in case something seriously went wrong either in the military or if some strange turn of events such as natural disasters required them as hulks for massive food/aid shipments or shelter. The CVN has capabilities in both the offensive and the defensive role that are very seldomly mentioned but they do exist. You dont spend that much money building a sea going platform for aircraft to take off from and return to without giving it both offensive and defensive capabilities. Thus insuring that sea going platform will be there when those planes return.;)
    Yeah those defences are called Arleigh Burkes and Ticos Im not doubting that the carriers dont have some point defence 'just in case' but if for whatever reason the universe got turned on its head and there was only air between a CVN and a Kirov i wouldnt be putting money on the Kirov.

    The Americans made the decision that unlike the Russians they would not overly arm the carriers and use them as part of a system. The Russians tried to roll it all into one and ended up with cruisers that happened to carry a small amount of aircraft. Different methods reflect different operational realities. The Russians where always a continental power first and foremost, they behaved more like the Germans of WW2 with raider type ships (Ocean denial over dominance). The kind of warship that could operate either on its own or as part of a very small group, hense the heavier defenses. The US carriers would never go into harms way with less than half a dozen specialty escorts, probably more, so there was no real need to arm them to the teeth. Just carry more aircraft, operate them conventionally (CTOL) and have a high sortie rate.
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