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strongest military power in south america??

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    there were rumours/suspicions about Chavez diverting some of his future aquisitions to Argentina as part of his attempt to create a 'Chavez hegemony' in SA, he was also sticking his nose into the Falklands dispute at the same time as Nester Kirchner was getting a bit sweaty over the islands.

    i think the rumour started when the Argentine AF was seen at some of the Arms Fairs looking seriously at stuff it could never afford while these political shenanigans were going on and the news started to filter through about the Syrian MiG-31 deal - Syria gets high end kit but Iran pays for it because it suits its geo-political needs.

    anyone know anything more about this or whether its total balls?
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      Chile (Brazil & Argentina's militaries are old and obsolete)

      Originally posted by Yanez View Post
      i think Chile has the best military of all those countries. They have a good amount of tanks compared to other countries (in numbers and models). They are also getting scorpene sub, frigate. Their infantry is probaly the best equiped and trained + they have the economy to keep up a war for a long time. And also Chile has very good allies unlike Peru or Argentina .
      Chile (Brazil & Argentina's militaries are old and obsolete)

      Here's a recent headline:
      "Chile's Aggressive Military Arms Purchases Are Ruffling the Region, Alarming in Particular Bolivia, Peru and Argentina"
      Scoop: Chile's Military Arms Purchases Alarm The Region

      Also, from IRC Americas Program | Chile and Venezuela: Myths and Realities of the Arms Race:
      " In recent years Chile has purchased weapons valued at US$2.785 billion, Venezuela at US$2.200 billion, and Brazil, greatly lagging, occupies third place at US$1.342 billion. A recent report in the industry magazine Military Power Review affirms that the trans-Andean country has risen from fourth to third place in the "military capacity" ranking for South America, displacing Argentina from that position and approaching Peru, which continues to occupy second place. "

      One thing is that Argentina & Brazil's military is worth more cause they have a lot of older equipment... also their speditures goes to their larger personal. But when it comes to precission and advancement, Chile hands down is the Isreal of South America!


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        English is not my main language but i`ll try to make simple :P.

        Today Brazil still is the main military power in south america.

        It`s true that Chile is buying a lot of military equipement in the last years but they still dont have enough numbers to pass Brazil. (Brazil have 3 to 1 in quantity, even if you have tech advantage you will need A LOT of advantage to make the tech make up for 2 soldiers). If you count the reserve the difference go 10 to 1. (1.3million vs 130thousands)

        In the tech area they are almost equal. Brazil have a lot of old armament, true, but few care to notice that this armament is upgraded with the Top tech available (or in the upgrade process) making them equal or almost equal to any new equipement in the market.

        A example is the upgraded F5 who originaly is a 3rd generation fighter. But the brazilian F5br (F5-EM) is a 4rd generation fighter and can fight vs f-15, f-16 and f-14 without problems.

        In Navy Chile and Brazil are almost equals. Both have few subs and some modern frigates.

        In Army i dont think its worth comparing, Brazil have more numbers but dont focus his soldiers in Mountain/Hills training. Brazil is 60% Jungle.

        Two different terrains with two different training and survival methods. In tecnology i cant see the difference between them. (Both have good rifles, good protection, night vision and all the high tech they want).

        But its true that chile is gaining more and more power. Now Chile and Peru tie in the second military power em South american. And if Brazil dont upgrade soon in 2015-2020 they will lost the first position.

        Venezuela is in the 5 position fighting to pass Argentina. (Argentina with the last financial crysis still dont have money to upgrade his army and the war in falk islands make buying new equipement a lot more dificult). But is 100% dependent on the Oil price. If the oil go down, the Venezuelan army go down too because need this money to maintain everything working.
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          strongest military power in south america??

          maybe Russia?..


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            Of the South American Armed Forces, Brazil, as said by many is the most powerful by virtue of its size. But its military is concentrated on its Eastern periphery as the majority of the country in the West has a minimal presence except for the region bordering Colombia.

            There is a debate in Brazil over whether the Navy should retire the Sao Paulo and most of its surface combatants and make its navy based on nuclear powerd attack submarines.

            In terms of capabilities and quality, Chile is deemed better.
            Chile's AF has replaced its front line fighter, the Mirage/ Kfir series, with the F-16, about half block 50 series and the rest are second hand purchases from the Netherlands. I believe the US refused to give them AMRAAM capbility, so the Israelis are said to have provided them with equivalent systems to replace the ones the US refused to provide.

            Its army is an interesting dichotomy in tanks- it is has up-gunned Shermans and Leopard series tanks.

            Peru's air force is deemed the most technologically advanced in terms of size and quality- Mirage 2000's and Mig 29's.
            It army is still dominated by Soviet/ Russian equoment- its MBT is the T-55-62 series and are rumored to be in negotiations to purchase enhanced T-72/80's from Poland.

            It navy may also still have the largest amount of submarines on the continent.

            Argentina for abotu the past decade has seen its capabilities degrade as the economic situation has taken its toll. Its airforce is a mere showdow of its 1980-early 90's self and its army ahs suffered from lack of training and spare parts for its vehicles.

            Colombia has not purchased conventional equipment in great quantities since the 1970's due to its security concentration on counter-insurgency. Although its has been looking for F-16's recently ou of concern for Chavez' occasional threats to "send some Sukhois" over Colombian airspace.

            When comparing capabilities, it is important for observers to recognize the most Latin American militaries have a primary mission of guaranteeing domestic stability. While national tensions exist, most of the armed forces on the continent only have sufficient logistical and munitions capability for only few days of intense combat. They often, with the excpetion of Brazil and Chile, seek to purchase the latest in technology possible and are usually never able to develop a logisitcal capacity to support these technologies, usually due to the expense invovled.


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              Isn't Brazil's military a bit weak compared to their gdp?


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                the greatest military power in South America today is Brazil.

                Brazil has one aircraft carrier and an air force very good that is being updated with new attack aircraft, and with a good navy ships and submarines, as Brazil has a huge effective, far greater than those of other Latin American south. President Lula is doing Grnade investment for the military to stay in Brazil at the world level


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                  Oh my, the kitties... plus what's this thread doing in this sub-forum?