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Pakistan agrees to send troops to Liberia!

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  • Pakistan agrees to send troops to Liberia!

    Pakistan agrees to send troops to Liberia
    (I didn't see an African section on the forum)

    Are they going to transfer the Pakistani contingent from
    Sierre Leone to Liberia or are they going to send a new
    force altogether?

    Pakistan agrees to send troops to Liberia
    (Updated at 1740 PST)
    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has agreed to send its troops to
    Liberia for peacekeeping operations in the strife-torn west African state, the foreign ministry said Monday.

    "We have agreed in principle that we shall send troops to Liberia," spokesman Masood Khan said. He told a weekly briefing that Pakistan had been approached by the United Nations Security Council after it passed a resolution on deployment of peace forces in Liberia.

    He said Pakistan was consulting with other UN Security Council members on the number of troops and dates of deployment which he believed would be finalised in the near future.

    He said that Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf will travel to New York to address the United Nations annual general assembly next month, the foreign ministry announced Monday.

    The president has addressed the last two UN assembly sessions. Each time there has been speculation that he might meet his rival Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, but no meeting ever happened. Pakistanis and Indians are eagerly watching for signs of talks between their leaders, four months after a fresh peace process was spurred by Vajpayee's "hand of friendship" offer.

    The News Internet Edition - English Newspaper of Pakistan

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    Paul, I moved it to the right forum. You were close.

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      Pakistan right now is the second biggest contributor to the UN peacekeeping efforts.

      We have troops in Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire & Sudan.

      United Nations peacekeeping missions involving Pakistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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        BTW this news is from 2003 AD...

        Pakistan To Send Peace Keeping Troops To Liberia.