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Ivory Coast: Gbagbo 'expels UK and Canada envoys'

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  • Ivory Coast: Gbagbo 'expels UK and Canada envoys'

    Ivory Coast's incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo is expelling the British and Canadian ambassadors, a statement on state television has said.

    The UK and Canada are among the nations who have expelled ambassadors appointed by Mr Gbagbo in order to replace them with diplomats chosen by Mr Ouattara.
    Separately on Thursday, the US announced it had frozen the assets of Mr Gbagbo, his wife and three aides.

    It said it was barring US citizens from financial dealings with Mr Gbagbo.

    'Key buildings'

    Meanwhile, Ecowas has already started drawing up plans for a regional intervention force.

    Our correspondent says it is not clear how ready the countries in the region are to contribute troops to an intervention that could potentially face a regular army numbering 18,000 men.
    However, Ecowas does not have the sophisticated equipment and personnel needed for a special forces operation, our correspondent says.

    The former colonial power France, which has 900 soldiers on the ground, says it will not intervene.

    There are an estimated 10,000 UN troops in Ivory Coast - and the mission has sent a request to the UN Security Council for an extra 1,000 to 2,000 soldiers.
    November's election was intended to reunify the country, which has been divided since a 2002 conflict.
    full article BBC News - Ivory Coast: Gbagbo 'expels UK and Canada envoys'