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  • Nigeria in 2011

    2011 is going to be an important year for Nigeria, given the fact that it will have elections this year to replace former President Umaru Yar'Adua. Who died of a mysterious medial condition after disappearing to Saudi Arabia for treatment over an extended amount of time. Even though there is little doubt to the outcome of the election as acting President Goodluck Jonathan is on track to win a full term, due to contributing factors like the lack of a coherent political opposition to the ruling People's Democratic Party, as well as the fact that elections in many places are heavily rigged towards the PDP. The death of Yar'Adua is just adding more accumulation and acceleration to other problems the country is facing including religious and ethnic tensions which have dominated headlines relating to the country recently. With such instances like numerous riots between Christians and Muslims in the central areas of the country, bombings targeting Christian populated areas, and overall political and administrative tensions between the Christian and Muslim states of the country. In addition, to piracy of the coast of the country prompting talk of the possible need for international intervention, and an ongoing insurgency and failed government amnesty in the Niger Delta areas of Nigeria. As well as recent allegations fueled in part by Wikileaks underscoring how bad corruption in Nigeria is, including for instance that late President Yar'Adua as a governor and later President made over $10 million a year in unaccounted for wealth and owned a house in London. Furthermore, the US Embassy in Nigeria in one of the released cables said Nigeria was turning into another Sudan and Africa's version of Pakistan.

    Therefore 2011 from what I've read is the year that could really determine whether Nigeria continues it's course of uneven, lopsided economic growth and half democracy or descends into regional divide and possibly chaos. Which holds much stake for the US, Europe and other nations as Nigeria is one of the world's biggest producers of oil, along with the fact that it is Africa's most populated state and located in a strategic position both within the world and region.

    Any opinions from Africa watchers on here?
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