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French naval forces fool Somali pirates

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    Originally posted by crooks View Post
    Il plaisante - le bon travail, exécution impressionnante de la marine française.

    Ces pirates regrettent probablement leurs choix de carrière !
    Yeah, I know he was joking. It's just, sometimes, I just can't take a good joke. My dad serves in the Army and he's done his part in Afghanistan. So when I posted that, it was just one of my less better days.

    Eh, I dunno, blame my Parisian sense of humor. :P


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      Originally posted by chakos View Post
      Where i come from a wog is generally considered a Southern European (not Lebanese as much as they love to call themselves such). Basically your Greeks (and that includes Cypriots of the Greek variety), Italians, Maltese, Spaniards and all your former Yugoslavs.

      So yes by the properly understood meaning of the slang i would be a greasy slimy wog
      ho ma gawd ule. fully sick VL turbo


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        Originally posted by 1947 View Post
        ho ma gawd ule. fully sick VL turbo
        Leave the VL alone... it waz mah first car man. RB30 goodness. I still have a rebuilt gearbox for it sitting outside... Got taken to the scrap yard a long time ago and was crushed into tiny little pieces.

        Got $250.00 at the time.

        CORDIA TURBO mAte!

        Actually if by the definition of Wog was anything to go by, my first car was a VL, and I have a VJ Val/chrysler/dodge ute painted ferrari red with the big one under the hood, sleeping in the shed :)
        Ego Numquam