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    Endingthefed .com

    I hope theres no regrets boys .

    TREASON: Obama Releases Terrorist Responsible For Murdering 17 American Sailors
    POLITICSSeptember 29, 2016 A+A-EMAILPRINT

    One can’t help but ask “what manner of leader would release a murderous terrorist for nothing more than political expediency’?

    The answer of course is Barack Obama, and his continued obsession in emptying out the Guantanamo Bay military detention facility in Cuba at all costs regardless of the morally deprived individuals being released.

    However this latest obscenity even within the pro Obama media has sparked both concern and outrage.

    According to FrontPageMag, the jihadist scum who was just released from Gitmo and sent to Saudi Arabia was a Yemeni national named Mashur Abdallah Ahmed al Sabri.

    Sabri bears direct responsibility for the deaths of 17 U.S. sailors in the October, 2000, terrorist attack on the USS Cole off the coast of Yemen.

    As to Sabri, he is being released despite being labeled as a high risk terrorist who ”is likely to pose a threat to the U.S., its interests, and allies,” and being known as “a member of a Yemeni al-Qaida cell directly involved with the USS Cole attack.”

    USS Cole commander blasts transfer of Al Qaeda Gitmo detainees to Saudi Arabia
    Sabri was believed to have been involved in both the surveillance of the Cole ahead of the attack and the preparation of the weapon used in the attack, which was conducted by packing a small fishing boat with explosives and ramming into the side of the naval destroyer.

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    Human Scum. Proud Never Trumper


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      Originally posted by tankie View Post
      I hope theres no regrets boys
      Doesn't the purple prose, delivered no doubt with a purple face, give you pause and prompt some cross-checking?
      "Proud Boys - Stand back and stand by" ~ President Donald J Trump 30 September 2020

      "Standing down and standing by sir"~ Proud Boys 30 September 2020

      “Trump basically said to go fuck them up...This makes me so happy.” Joe Biggs, a leader of the Proud Boys 30 September 2020


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        OK, so according to the snopes article, Sabri was no more than "tangentially" involved with the attack on the USS Cole and the proof that snopes used was a link to articles from the Guardian and CNN?

        LoL especially the Guardian, which reporting these days has been two steps below the National Enquirer.

        One, reading the "Guantanimo Docket" it seems like this guy was in the room while the USS Cole bombing was being planned and housed the terrorists while they were there. That seems a little more than being "tangentially" involved.

        He seems to be far from being the mastermind of the attack but "tangentially" involved?

        He doesn't have to be a mastermind but it seems like his involvement should warrant him staying at Gitmo for further uh...interviews.

        Seems like we passed him to the Saudis like a hot potato because we don't like to hold people in Gitmo. weep....

        Second, why the hell is the US government releasing statements like this:

        "The United States is grateful to the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its humanitarian gesture and willingness to support ongoing U.S. efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility."

        When they "accept" detainees from Gitmo when we should be forcing it down their Wahhabi asses?
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          Originally posted by TopHatter View Post
          Doesn't the purple prose, delivered no doubt with a purple face, give you pause and prompt some cross-checking?
          Certainly feels like it , but no purple face whatsoever , posted for debate , which it has produced , jeeeeeezz , is there no reliable news outlets now , some journos seem to have it in for potus Obama on the face of it ,,who do I trust , well not the BBC that's for sure , at least lots of it was on the mark , apparently ? cheers Jerry/Yella/ ,,,,,,,,,,,,T/H is snopes never wrong , where do they get their info.??

          Anyhoo my original thoughts still stand

          Edith Piaf , no , no regrets , I hope not .sing little sparrow ,sing .
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