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Afghan officials rage against US capture of Pakistani Taliban Leader

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    Neither the Pakistan nor Afghan Taliban can be trusted. They are both a major problem for both countries mentioned. Until they decide they are the true enemy of their people there will never be a peace their own people will ever know. Ignorning them or trying to make backroom deals with them as the norm will never fix the problem, just allow it too flourish at the expense of the people.

    And one can bet the farm that so long as they exist, they will be hunted by US & NATO forces without approval of the two faced politicians that believe for one instant they can either solve or "patch" the problem for their own political gaines.

    The only good Taliban (Afghan or Pakistan) is a dead Taliban. And for those killed by being in the same building, convoy, group etc blame youselves for being there or related to them not those that hunt them due to their crimes against the people of both countries.

    Its called responsibility for ones own actions.
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