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  • Originally posted by zraver View Post
    Top, notice how he totally avoids discussing the rights of a sovereign state. Its a fundamental principle of international law, 'that which is not expressly prohibited is permitted". This is why Pakistan is not in violation of nuclear proliferation, she never signed or ratified the treaty.

    His premise in this argument is that states can be restrained absent a specific treaty. Bet he wont take the tack with regard to Pakistan's nukes.
    There is nothing to avoid - you refuse the accept the obvious. The UN Charter supersedes any previous treaties and clearly establishes strict restrictions and conditions on the use of force by one State against another, regardless of how you classify them (belligerent, co-belligerent ..), and those conditions/restrictions also 'prohibit that which is not expressly prohibited' in any previous treaty.

    Given the lack of any UNSC authorization for the use of force by the US/NATO against Pakistan or on Pakistani territory, the US has no legal justification to conduct military operations on Pakistani soil without Pakistani government consent, and therefore US military strikes in Pakistan (when not authorized by the Pakistani government) are violations of international law/UN Charter.
    Pakistan is not going to be a theocratic state to be ruled by priests with a divine mission - Jinnah


    • Not sure where to drop this..

      Top-secret U.S. intelligence files show new levels of distrust of Pakistan

      Other classified documents given to The Post by Snowden reveal that U.S. spy agencies for years reported that senior Pakistani military and intelligence leaders were orchestrating a wave of extrajudicial killings of terrorism suspects and other militants.

      The killings “seemed to serve the purpose of dispensing what the military considered swift justice,” the intelligence assessment stated. Pakistani authorities “were conscious of not arousing suspicions. The number of victims at a given time tended to be very small. Furthermore, the military took care to make the deaths seem to occur in the course of counterinsurgency operations, from natural causes, or as the result of personal vendettas.”

      Some parts of the report go on to suggest that PA and ISI and the government is trying it's (controversial) best to eliminate militancy. Then why the mistrust?

      Ane er... I dont mean to be disrespectful, but

      U.S. anxiety over Pakistan’s nuclear program appears to be driven more by uncertainty about how it is run than specific intelligence indicating that its systems are vulnerable, according to the budget documents.

      Does this not mean US officials are becoming paranoid?
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