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How do we stop terrorist bombers?

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    Back to topic, my 0.2 cents:

    - limit or all together stop immigration from troublesome countries
    - immediately expel (and strip of citizenship, if it is the case) any individual that has ties with fundamentalist movements, in any way
    - contain as much as possible the countries that are exporting the ideology (including any funds, organizations, political support, etc)

    IMHO, don't think that terrorism can be stopped 100%, but making harder for morons who want to blow themselves up to get where they want to blow themselves up might help..


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      Originally posted by zraver View Post
      Ditto, I warned you but now you've been declared persona non grata but The Man. Push comes to shove, I'll line up with the Colonel, its shoving time so do us all a favor and begone.
      Doppelganger, I and many others have strongly suggested that you read more and post less. That suggestion is about to be drastically enforced.
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