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    There's a leaked internal threat analysis document of the German Federal Criminal Police warning about anti-lockdown activists possibly attacking companies producing vaccines or vaccination centers.

    Background is that there was a "Querdenken" protest planned for tomorrow at BioNTech, the German company that brought out the first vaccine with Pfizer (the city of Mainz offered the protesters a different location and referred to restrictions, the protest announcement was withdrawn subsequently). The police document states that in such locations "damages will be likely" and "physical attacks possible", and that the likelihood of such attempts is relatively high due to high media exposure.

    Foreign and industrial espionage - both on-site and via cyber domain - are also considered a threat in the document, in addition to theft (although that risk is considered low). The German government is currently in the process of forming a strategy to vaccination logistics. The German military has offered providing transport and guarded storage for vaccines in that context.


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      Originally posted by kato View Post
      The "Querdenken" ("lateral thinking") organisation that is the subject of the Dec 3rd intelligence committee inquest into possible formal observation by domestic intelligence gets up to 40,000 people into the streets when holding political rallies.
      Querdenken is now formally under observation by State Domestic Intelligence as an extremist group in Baden-Württemberg state. Other states as well as the federal domestic intelligence service are evaluating joining in on that; in neighboring Bavaria Querdenken isn't under observation as a group, but individuals within it for their activity.

      Primary items cited for extremism seem to be:
      • organizational overlap with Reichsbürger "sovereign citizen" groups, in particular in recent weeks
      • conceptual overlap with anti-semitic and conspiracy theorist groups
      • attempts to overthrow constitutional order by intending to enact a new constitution
      • activities related to the group such as the attempted storming of the federal parliament on August 30th

      Police and courts nationwide have been more active in hindering Querdenken protests. Some images from Mannheim next door to me last weekend, and that's for a protest group with a range of 700 people on Telegram of which 10% actually attended:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	mannheim.jpg Views:	0 Size:	99.1 KB ID:	1569648And yes, that's a good old TM-170 APC on the right. Barricade configuration, remote-controlled equipment/weapon mount on top not used. The bigger trucks in the back are watercannons.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	image_9205.jpg Views:	3 Size:	99.8 KB ID:	1569649 Can't forget about doing it the traditional way either. The other traditional escalation method - dogs - was absent.

      Setup above seems to be pretty standard at Querdenken protests throughout Germany in the last 2-3 weeks. Berlin actually fired watercannons on protesters for the first time since 2013 three weeks ago. For Mannheim: Out of 70 people that police "intervened with" 50 were banned from the city for the day, 10 got fines for not wearing masks and 7 were arrested for violating a court ban for the assembly. Mannheim also has a curfew due to being a hotspot, i.e. anyone on the street after 9 pm gets fined.