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Russian ex-spy critically ill after exposure to a "substance"

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  • I thought allies didn't matter. They said Trump sided with Putin against his own.

    So what good is Trump to Putin, really ?.. a few nice words that has the american opposition foaming means diddly squat.

    Only ACTIONS matter and we see them here

    The U.S. Sanctions Russia for Skripal Poisoning—Five Months Later | Atlantic | Aug 09 2018

    Five months after a deadly nerve agent threatened the life of a former Russian spy and his daughter in Britain, Donald Trump’s administration announced Wednesday that it will be imposing new sanctions on Russia for its alleged involvement in the attack.
    This comes after the expulsion of Russian diplomats btw

    This isn’t the first time Washington has acknowledged Russia’s alleged role in the nerve-agent attack on British soil. The United States joined nearly two dozen countries in condemning Russia for the attack, and took part in a mass expulsion of Russian intelligence officers. Of the more than 100 Russian personnel who were targeted in the mass expulsion, 60 were based in the United States. The Russian consulate in Seattle was also closed as part of the response.
    So what prompted this latest, and arguably more severe, retaliation?

    Technically, U.S. law. Under the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991, the United States is required to impose sanctions on any foreign power determined to have used chemical or biological weapons in violation of international law within 60 days of assigning blame to the country in question.

    As the Republican lawmaker Ed Royce pointed out in a letter to President Trump last month, the administration missed that deadline by more than a month.
    That's not the end of it

    These sanctions likely won’t be the last. If Russia does not provide assurances that it will no longer use such weapons within the next three months, the U.S. government has warned that it will move to impose even “more draconian” sanctions, including a wider trade embargo and a possible downgrade in diplomatic relations between the two countries. But Moscow is unlikely to be swayed by threats of additional penalties.

    “Russian denials will continue—there is no doubt about that,” Duncan Allen, a Russia and Eurasia specialist at the London-based Chatham House, told me. “More U.S. sanctions frankly are only a matter of time.”
    Russian response and likely Indian one as well

    “The theater of absurd continues,” Dmitry Polyanskiy, the first deputy permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations, said Wednesday in a tweet.

    “No proofs, no clues, no logic, no presumption of innocence, just highly-liklies.

    Only one rule: blame everything on Russia, no matter how absurd and fake it is.

    Let us welcome the United Sanctions of America!”
    : D
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    • Two Muscovite passport holders, named as 'Alexander Petrov' and 'Ruslan Boshirov' charged over the Skripal case in the UK.

      Pictures of the suspects:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	_103301966_cctv_1_petrov_boshirov_met-.jpg
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      at Gatwick airport.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	DmVAFlzX0AAf4cs.jpg
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      at Salisbury train station.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	DmUqAd9XoAEOrXS.jpg
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      The day of the attack - before.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	DmU-aMyX0AACzdb.jpg
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      Same day having visited the Skripal house.

      SIS (MI6) alleges these two are GRU operatives.
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      • Too bad they didn't drop the bottle on themselves in a GRU facility.


        • Clearly it was highly irresponsible to dispose of the perfume bottle in a place where it could be found by some innocent member of the public and subsequently die from their exposure.


          • So last week Putin said that the Muscovite 'authorities' had identified the two suspects named by the British as 'Alexander Petrov' and 'Ruslan Boshirov', that they were 'civilians' and urged them to come forward.

            Naturally they did and gave their side of their story to the editor of RT:

            I never knew Salisbury Cathedral was "world famous" though it does have the tallest spire in England I seem to recall. Prefer Wells or Canterbury Cathedrals myself but each to their own. There are so many holes in their own account it is untrue:

            They specifically wished to visit this famous Cathedral yet stayed in a rather dingy hotel in Bow (East London).
            There was no transport on the 3rd but they managed to get a train from London to Salisbury to visit the Cathedral, Stonehenge and 'Old Sarum' (not sure what that means).
            Having got there there was too much snow - and the 'got wet' so they went back to London.
            Next day down to Salisbury again by train. This time they spent longer there before returning to London and leaving the UK that day (Sunday 4th).

            So first the BBC traced their route from the CCTV cameras on the Sunday and it turns out they came out of the train station (from which you can see the Cathedral) and went in the opposite of direction of the Cathedral.

            Not many 'gothic houses' on this route but it is on the way to the Skripals.

            Then Bellingcat did some research on their passports. One oddity is that their passport numbers differ by one digit, ending in -1295 and -1296. Both passports being issued in 2009. There are other strange notes on the passports described by Bellingcat:

            Then up pops Novaya Gazetta who found a telephone number linking them to the GRU;

            Amateur at best and doubtless they are not the toast of the month at the GRU because the attempted murder failed.
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            • Originally posted by snapper View Post
              I never knew Salisbury Cathedral was "world famous" though it does have the tallest spire in England I seem to recall. Prefer Wells or Canterbury Cathedrals myself but each to their own.
              Only thing that comes to mind when i hear Salisbury is Stone henge


              • Well yes that and Glastonbury would spring to my mind... strange that most of us (and I have visited Salisbury Cathedral) would not consider the Cathedral as "world famous". To me Glastonbury Tor and Stonehenge are vastly more famous but maybe that is my generation.


                • Some background on Skripal vs Putin and the chaos of the KGB in the 1990s;


                  • “Ruslan Boshirov” identified as Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga GRU;


                    • "A BBC team travelled some 5,000 miles east of Moscow to the village of Beryozovka, where Anatoliy Chepiga grew up, close to Russia's border with China.

                      There, a woman identified a young Anatoliy in the photographs discovered and published by Bellingcat.

                      She then confirmed that a mugshot released by British police of "Ruslan Boshirov" was also Col Chepiga."



                      • Bellingcat claims to have identified the second of the Skripal assassins as Dr. Alexander Yevgenyevich Mishkin: