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Energy Transit routes and conflict

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    Originally posted by Toby View Post
    Which explains its importance
    Don't follow. The gulf is accessible by tankers, not inaccessible. A pipeline and having control over it means he is an important player

    Thing is Russia has gas and he supplies Europe already. The gulf isn't a competitor. Will go along with OPEC when its suits his interests but not beholden to them

    Being a murderous Bastard would be one good reason
    His country is major link in the shia crescent, Syria's location matters, this puts him at odds with the Israelis & the gulf arabs. The gulf arabs saw an excuse and tried to take him out.

    What would your opinion on that be?
    He's doubling down in Syria. Has a second base there

    The fighting might be at an end, now comes the aftermath
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      Originally posted by Double Edge View Post
      Don't follow
      I was emphasising the Gulfs importance due to its accessibility. We can pipe and ship with relative ease. Which is why it is such a key strategic area....that and the Suez canal of course


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        Thread resurrection post:

        Bolton is a one-man Apocalypse. The warnings of Republican Bush White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter – although a member of the hysterical ‘Never Trump’ and David Brock aligned CREW movements – should actually be heeded on Bolton. The hard-right pro-Zionist influence in the Trump WH is now epic. Right-wingers cannot allow hatchet men like Painter to be proven right. This will damage our cause and give more fuel to leftists than the Obama era Bush-bashing which was caused by Iraq and Afghanistan war fallout.

        What started as an Islamist virus in post-war Iraq has spread to Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, to the glee of war hawks such as John Bolton; though he will claim quite to the contrary in public. This war is mainly about pipeline real-estate, but also the spoils of war. As we will see, the primary target of this proxy war in Syria and Iraq is actually Russia and Iran. China is also standing in the wings with a decision to make.

        Syria finds itself right now with worse geostrategic luck than Afghanistan; that other unfortunate nation which shares borders with Iran and China. Iran is a major oil and natural gas supplier whereas China is a developed hydrocarbon market. They’re an economic love match but Afghanistan prevents the marriage. No, the US isn’t still in Afghanistan to smell the poppies or for the goat meat stew. There’s an important similarity between Syria and Afghanistan which begs for expansion.
        Original article is a little over my head to be honest but I'm still learning.]Balkanizing Syria: John Bolton's NATO Crusade for Zion

        Also hello! first time poster, long time lurker.


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              Worth watching if you are interested in European gas security:

              Same day on the other side of the Atlantic:

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