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The coming battle between West and China + Russia.... the conflict of 21st century

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    ante scriptum
    the very best account of WW1 week by week is ongoing , it's very good , this is for week 90

    A great big West/East war is not a high probability , for a start China and Russia are not allied ,
    they have great relations but don't buy into the other problems beside some diplomatic noises

    their relationship is mostly of a sanction busting nature ,
    there is not going to be a ground war in China , an embargo on shipping lanes is pretty certain in case of unpleasantness ,
    then Russia would remain neutral and serve as a backdoor , including Russia Arctic territorial waters for a few months a year

    For Russia , pretty much the same , they can take care of conventional forces on the European side , China acting as a friendly neutral
    to start a great big East/West shooting conflict it would take some pretty stupid people doing stupid things for along time
    and neither the Russians or the Chinese are that stupid , mind you I put all my hopes on Hillary.... go baby burn! burn!


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      Originally posted by randwick View Post
      mind you I put all my hopes on Hillary.... go baby burn! burn!
      Ok, your sarcasm do belong here.


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          Trough out history, every weapon made by man was used and that goes for nuclear warheads. It is not question of if but when and according to current state of affairs, that moment is coming.


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            But it was already used.
            No such thing as a good tax - Churchill

            To make mistakes is human. To blame someone else for your mistake, is strategic.


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              time passed. I though on the topic. Looks like we are going along that path.... conflict is in place.

              1) USA got president who openly admits it.
              2) China is trying to deffer open conflict.
              3) Russia is preparing to worst scenario.
              4) Europe tries to stay aside.... hope it works this time.

              Middle East is a hot spot where new tactics are being tested. However, this time, nuclear weapons and absence of ideology makes a direct hot war not plausible. Hot war and big scale is not profitable for elites on both sides..... even army generals/admirals.

              Proxy wars in Asia + Middle East?


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                Hi all! I agree with Garry. This conflict has been already going on, even if it's been taking place out of the participants' borders. Also this war would also move to Arctic in the near future. And non-Arctic China has been one of the most aggressive and industrious contender for Arctic resources. The next big clash would be in that region, I think.