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  • Litvinenko inquiry

    "Taking full account of all the evidence and analysis available to me, I find that the FSB operation to kill Litvinenko was probably approved by Mr Patrushev and also by President Putin," Sir Robert wrote.

    No big surprise there for anyone with eyes. What does HMG propose to do about it? Didly squat - again no big surprise.

    David Cameron promises the UK is "toughening" its action against Russia. He says UK will have to continue "some sort of relationship with them [Russia]" but with "clear eyes and a very cold heart"
    Or in other words ziltch because we must continue to 'work with them'. This is BS of the Grand Order imv. To say that you refuse to 'deal with' or 'work with' the terrorist State that Putin represents over it's action in Ukraine does NOT mean that you have to 'work with' the same terrorist State over Syria. If it's a pig it stinks on Friday the same as it did on Monday. Any attempt to 'deal with' them - including 'Toria Nuland's recent meeting with Surkov in Kaliningrad - is viewed by them (rightly) as the appeasement it represents. I do not think Victoria Nuland is a fool and am told she did not wish to meet Surkov but she should have resigned if this is the truth rather be party to this base appeasement of a fundamentally 'evil' and corrupt regime. Time to start dealing with Putin on the only terms he understands - freezing all their foreign accounts via a European Magnisky Law, arming Ukraine and reinforcing bases in Poland in Romania. Time for the double standards and BS to end. One more tank crosses the Ukrainian border or another Estonian police man gets kidnapped (a la Eston Kohver) and cut off the SWIFT network, close their Embassies and freeze everything. There is only way to deal with these type of people - tell them you will not chicken out and mean it. No more double standards.

    Full pdf file of the Inquiry findings;
    Decent article from the Guardian putting some context on the murder;
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    For who likes a longer read on the report, The Guardian has a nice long read about this subject.