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Is Russia still a key world power?

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    All man...
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      Gen Breedlove's final assessment and remarks:

      A. Russia... B. Threats to European Allies and Partners.... A. Deter Russia... Romney was right.


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        Originally posted by hibiny View Post
        Stratfor and Jane’s Assessed Russian Army in XXI Century
        A solid analysis of Russia's capabilities. Apart from Putin's balls and Russia's nuclear arsenal they don't have much to bring to the table. Russia's economy is simply not diverse and competitive enough to attain similar power and influence as the USSR once had. I don't see Russian tanks roll into Berlin anytime soon. They simply have to much issues to address internally to be capable of projecting any meaningful force in a way the US or even the UK can do at the moment.

        They need to overcome massive corruption, social-demographic problems, internal instability and over-dependency on energy exports before their economy can grow at a rate required to become a superpower again. After years of defense spending increase, the Russian military suffers defense budget cuts in 2014 and 2015 while they need to heavily invest in modern equipment, training and logistical support if they want to have any meaningful military impact abroad.

        Russia however has some other tools for persuing their objectives such as energy politics and still are a permanent member of the UN security council. Only small non-nato countries bordering Russia should be worried.


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          World power? Most certainly. Superpower? Questionable.


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            Until the recent campaign in Syria, Russia had talked of itself as a global power, but behaved like a regional power.

            Russia's greatest challenge is to preserve its global importance while most of the relevant indicators are dropping and its allies are few and far between (dictators, largely).

            For some, Russia's natural and historical pre-eminence mean it will always be a key player.

            Others fear Russia may compensate for weakness with risky foreign adventurism.

            Indeed, for many, it is already doing just that.


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              On Putin's cancellation of the weapons grade plutonium disposal deal:


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                Seems that Uncle Vova is upping the stakes... Within the last week we have not only the above but S-300 system to Syria ( along with threats to shoot down any Western planes targeting the Assad forces (, Iskander - M to 'Kaliningrad' ( and apparently considering 'reopening' old bases in Cuba and Vietnam ( The US says they have broken off talks on Syria but they haven't and formally accused 'Russia' of hacking the Democrats as well as arresting the NSA mole.

                Putin's Birthday yesterday and no opponent got murdered unusually so I suppose this to make up for it in some way. Make no mistake Putin regards himself to be a state of 'hybrid war' with the West. In Ukraine we can hold the line... where will others draw it is the question.


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                  Cuba and Vietnam?! Gee, I wonder if Vietnam is aware of this (he says sarcastically) what with the way things are improving in their country . Why in the world do the Russians think they would want to jeopardize how far they have come since the Russians left Cam Rahn Bay 14 years ago when they didn't want to pay the rent asked. A signal base is one thing but Soviet ships is another.


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                    Good article on Muscovite Caucuses strategy: