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  • There has been what can only be as a perfidious development today in PACE (The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe). First you have to understand what PACE and the Council of Europe (CoE) is so here's a brief refresher: The Council of Europe is not the EU. It started in 1949 and claims today still to promote "Human rights, democracy and the rule of law" as well as "freedom of expression and of the media, freedom of assembly, equality, and the protection of minorities." ( Under it's auspices the most important institution is the European Court of Human Rights - not to be confused with the International Court that sits in the Hague. PACE is this august bodies Parliamentary adjunct, it also has Commissioners etc which act as supposed 'executives' and board - cabinet type affair that proposes things to be to the Parliamentary Assembly. The Parliamentary Assembly - who meet in session about twice a year for a few days are essentially delegates from every European country who are already MPs in their home country. Thus while Nadyia Savchenko was elected to the Ukrainian Rada while she was in prison in Muscovy still she was named in 2014 as a Ukrainian delegate to PACE. So much for what it is. All EU members are members of PACE and the COE but 20 or so members of the COE are not EU or variants of members.

    Muscovy was deprived of it's voting right by this Council following it's illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014. Though nothing has changed in Crimea or in the Donbass (except more dead and injured troops and civilians) PACE yesterday voted by 118 to 62 to welcome Muscovy back into the COE.

    The debate - such that was permitted - you can view here: I note Roger Gale, who was once the MP of the neighbouring constituency in England from where I lived, giving a robust no speech.

    As you can imagine the Poles, Ukrainians, Romanians, Baltics, Fins and even Bulgarians rejected this proposal. Of the so called 'Western Europeans' only the British stood up for the values that the Council claims to promote. Both the French and the Germans vote in favour in re-admitting Muscovy.

    One of the reasons of this vote is that after Muscovy was deprived of it's voting rights in 2014 it withdrew from the CoE and has not been paying it's annual membership fee. The debt stands at around 33m euros today... inflation since the time of Christ and Judas.

    My personal feelings would be too explicit to pronounce in public and besides they do not really matter. This is had the immediate consequence though of Ukraine and Poland withdrawing their delegates and Ambassadors "for consultations". The longer term though may bode deeper implications. For example bearing in mind that both France and Germany voted in favour of this "surrender" (as the Ukrainian Ambassador called it) why on earth should Ukraine trust them any them further in the 'Normandy Format' talks regarding the non existent 'Minsk Agreements'? Zelensky says he was on the phone trying to persuade Macron and Merkel to say no... nevertheless they have surrendered. I cannot see any new Foreign Minister, or Zelensky, accepting 'Normandy format' talks again. How that breaks down if we reject this format is anyone's guess. One thing is for sure though; by 'surrendering' without a single concession PACE has encouraged further aggression.

    On the bright side it may serve as spur for greater Central European cooperation and alignment - despite the currently insane Polish Government intent on Dmovskian hyperbole and 'dwama'. The future of Europe lies not in the perfidious Western capitals of Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Rome but in those countries that understand from long experience the threat which menaces not only Europe but our friends and relatives across the Atlantic.


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      • Its funny how the strong statement from the Malaysian PM is not mentioned here. I applaud the courage of Mahathir for seeking the truth and unmasking the real perpetrators of this incident.

        Malaysia’s Leader Says ‘No Proof’ Russia to Blame for MH17 Downing


        • welcome pnoy as I neglected to welcome you in the introduction thread. We do not get alot of Malaysian news reported in Ukraine and I had not seen this. Your PM appears to differ from your representatives on the international investigation. I know nothing about Mr Mahathir but I am sure he has his reasons to deny facts.


          • So we finally have a new Cabinet of Ministers in Ukraine. After Zelensky's 'Servant of the People' (named after his TV comedy show in which he played an imaginary history teacher who becomes President) won a majority in the Rada back in July the new Rada has not been called until this week. The excuse given for this was the various legal disputes that were indeed taking place in the Courts regarding specific allegations of wrongdoing in the election process. Nobody actually believes that as the Parliamentary elections were forced through early (they were due in October) and if legal disputes alone prevent the convening of a Parliament it would in theory be possible for the aggressor to dispute aspects of the results ad infinitum to prevent an elected assembly ever sitting.

            In the meantime he appointed Andriy Bogdan as presidential chief of staff. This was controversial as Pan (Mr) Bogdan was Ihor Kolomoiskyi's lawyer a la Trump and Cohen. Kolomoyskyi is an oligarch on who's TV channel Zelensky's TV show appeared, he previously fell out with Poroshenko over the nationalisation of PrivatBank, the largest bank in Ukraine, which he basically owned and stole from to the extent that it's was threatened with bankruptcy so was bailed out and taken over by the Government. Kolomoiskyi then left the country but is back now. Furthermore the honourable Andriy Bogdan served in the Government of Mykola Azarov (2010 -14) under ex President Yanukovych as Government Commissioner for Anticorruption Policy. As such he is subject to a lustration order by the previous Rada. It is just stupid or perhaps a sign of worse to come. There must be someone who can do this job that does not have this man's record so why appoint him?

            I will continue later.


            • dble


              • To continue my narrative on the Zelensky (though apparently it is supposed to spelled Zelenskyy but this makes no sense to me) apart from the Andriy Bogdan appointment controversy and the delay in convening the new Rada - that after all he forced through early elections to get elected there have been others before the new Ministerial team could be ratified and sworn in - for which they must be approved by the Rada.

                So one of his early decisions was to move the site of the Presidential Administration (which is now also to be the 'Presidential Office') from it's current place on Bankova St, which actually is not a bad building, to Ukrainian House, at the lower (river) end of Khreshchatyk, the kind of Champs d' Elysee street of Kyiv. Why? "More office space" is murmered but Ukrainian House (which is circular) is more of a theatre than office space so it will cost a lot of money to remodel into office spaces and install computers, security, communications about three quarters of a mile down the road from where it is already functioning. How much? They decline to say. Who are the contractors? Surprise surprise the main contractor is a company owned by Brother Kolomoyskyi. Oh dear.

                Then the wonderful 'Ze' decided, apparently in the interests of saving money, that the military parade on Independence Day. On the basic calling off the military parade I am in general not in favour of such parades though I think it is important that at this time of war that the troops feel the public respect and honour their efforts. On the excuse for cancelling the parade - it's total hypocrisy when you spending needless millions to move the Presidential Administration already.

                So all this happened while the newly elected Rada was not convened - allegedly due to legal disputes which have changed not one jot of the result so this excuse rings hollow to me. In the meantime the comedian went 'on tour' as it were to meet with the EU and so on. He said his main objective is to "bring peace to Ukraine" which of course is commendable but mentions nothing about what price he may be willing to pay.

                So the new Rada, now finally convened, is apparently the youngest elected Chamber in Ukrainian history; the average age is apparently 41.

                So to explain the Cabinet - the new Ministers at any rate you have to understand what Kvartal 95 and Studio Kvartal 95 are; Kvartal 95 was the main producer of Zelensky's TV shows which owned/owns Studio Kvartal 95 which is a production studio which filmed the shows. You will find many appointments have contacts with Zelensky through these companies although it is not at first apparent.

                So the main Ministers are:

                PM - Oleksiy Honcharuk
                FM - Vadym Prystaiko
                Defense - Andriy Zahorodnyuk
                Interior - Arsen Avakov
                Finance - Oksana Markarova
                Health - Zoriana Skaletska
                Energy - Oleksiy Orzhel
                Eurointegration - Dmytro Kuleba
                Education - Hanna Novosad
                Defence - Andriy Zahorodniuk
                Interior - Arsen Avakov

                In addition;
                Oleksandr Danyliuk takes over as head of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC)
                Prosecutor General: Ruslan Riaboshapka
                SBU (Security Service): Ivan Bakanov
                Yakiv Smolii stays on as head of the National Bank of Ukraine.

                So apart from the Governor of the Bank of Ukraine two Ministers retain their positions. The first being the Finance Minister Oksana Markarova who I do not think any complains about, she was deputy Minister under Natalie Jaresko and Oleksandr Danylyuk (now heading the NSDC) when they were the Ministers. Has a Masters in Public Finance from Indianna; should be ok. The second to keep their position is contraversial as that is Arsen Avakov, the Minister of the Interior since 2014. Avakov has had a colourful life - he is Armenian for starters and served as Governor of Kharkiv during the Yushchenko Presidency (2004 -2010). His re-appointment was opposed by 24 NGOs on the basis that "Avakov is responsible for failing to reform the police, sabotaging the vetting of police officers, keeping tainted police officials and suspects in EuroMaidan cases in key jobs, failing to investigate attacks on civic activists and numerous corruption scandals linked to him and his inner circle." He has also been accused of having links to the far right ( and in 2017 his son (Oleksandr Avakov) was arrested by the National Anticorruption Bureau (NABU) for involvement of the alleged embezzlement of 14 million hryvnyas ($520,000) of state budget funds allocated to the Interior Ministry to buy backpacks in 2014-2015. The son was then without explanation released but still faces charges. One theory I have heard regarding why Avakov was kept in place is that Zelensky wants the National Guard, which currently receives orders from the Interior Ministry, transferred to the authority of the Presidential Administration (or Office). However the standard excuses regarding 'experience' are what they are saying is the official reason.

                I shall go into the other appointments and where they come from later.
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                • Couple of things happened this last week in the political field. First on Tuesday the new Rada (Parliament) voted to remove the criminal indemnity of it's own members (Deputies/MPs). This in effect is a change to the Constitution so required a 2/3rds majority of the Deputies/MPs to agree to this. This has long been a demand of the public as the criminal immunity effectively allowed the elected representatives to swan around as some diplomats do when posted outside their country; speeding tickets, parking tickets? So what? Immunity. It is not that large a reform in real terms though as previously when serious accusations were raised concerning the conduct of a Deputy the Rada would vote to lift that Deputies criminal immunity opening the way for a prosecution. This happened at least twice in the previous Rada. Naturally Zelensky wishes to claim all the credit though the reality is took more than just his Party's Deputies to get this measure passed.

                  Yesterday there was a 'prisoner exchange', which everyone was expecting first as the new Prosecutor General (Ruslan Riaboshapka) had apparently falsely posted on his Facebook page a couple of weeks ago that it was happening then. The second thing that happened was that a court in Dnipro ordered the release of Vladimir Tsemakh, a former 'DNR Officer' who is alleged to have had direct contact with the Muscovite BUK unit that shot down MH17. The SBU actually launched an undercover mission to go into the occupied territory in Donbass and bring this guy out. He is wanted for questioning by the multinational JIT investigation team. To be fair the Prosecutor at the hearing did argue against his release arguing that his life could be at risk if released. The speculation, which turned out to be correct, was that Tsemakh was part of the 'exchange deal' and this was why the Court ordered his release.

                  So yesterday the exchange took place - 35 Ukrainian hostages including Oleh Sentsov, the 24 Ukrainian sailors, one Tatar, Pavlo Hryb, illegally kidnapped from Belarus while meeting some girl there for 35 Muscovites including a 'reporter' and this Tsemakh guy. Zelensky and the families were gathered at Boryspil military airport to welcome home the hostages.

                  Of course everyone is happy that Sentsov (who has been 5yrs in captivity) and the others are home but I question the price that was payed for this and what it might suggest about Zelensky future attempts to achieve 'peace in our time'. None of our hostages had ever committed a crime in Muscovy whereas Tsemakh was at least an accomplice in an international crime. The fact that the court chose to release him for this exchange that clearly benefits Zelensky suggests that there was political interference in the proceedings of the court which stinks to high heaven. Nor do I consider it fitting to swap a criminal for an innocent hostage. What is worse is that Tsemakh is (or was in 2014 at least) a Ukrainian citizen so by what right or law of man or God do we exchange one criminal Ukrainian for another innocent one? Moreover there are some 75 remaining Ukrainian hostages in Muscovite captivity - most of them Crimean Tatars and this 'exchange' merely encourages more hostage taking.

                  Zelensky shook hands and embraced each one as they got off the plane in front of chosen TV cameras - Kolomoisky's TV channel naturally, so it seems some press in Ukraine now have a sort of favoured status. He then talked about this 'exhange' being the "first step to peace" (he did not actually say 'in our time'). Well considering this 'first step' warrants an inquiry regarding undue influence on the court that released a person facing trial and wanted for questioning by a multinational investigation team, I am not too sure I will like what else Zelensky may be willing to compromise.

                  For other reactions of former US Officials to this 'exchange' see:
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                  • Steinmeier formula, Zelensky sh*t and Trumpkin theories are all colliding here - mostly among the 'political class' of course but dissatisfaction is wide among the troops at our illustrious new Comedians "peace plans."

                    So the three strands of this are firstly the so called "Steinmeier formula" for the implementation of the Minsk Accords (1 and 2). Steinmeier being a former German foreign minister between 2013 to 2017 was part of the 'Normandy format' talks so proposed a 'formula' that amounts to a timetable for the implementation of the Minsk agreement(s) since the agreement(s) themselves contained little stipulation as to which should come first - except for the withdrawal of forces along the front, which Moscow and it's proxies breached within hours of Minsk #2 with the offensive on Debatlseve.

                    So the basics of this 'formula' or timetable are that A. Forces withdraw (as they were supposed to 5yrs ago under the Minsk agreements), local elections in the occupied Donbass are then held - to be monitored by OSCE whereupon if the OSCE are satisfied that the elections were 'free and fair' etc the regions of the so called 'Peoples Republics' are granted autonomous status. Only then do Muscovite troops withdraw and their criminal proxies 'disband'. Hardly surprising from a German who is undermining both Ukrainian but European security by trying to press ahead with North Stream 2. Perhaps he also looks for a place on the board of Gazprom and birthday parties in St Petersburg as Schroeder enjoys?

                    An explanation of 'Steinmeier formula' by Kiev (sic) Post;

                    So this was first proposed and rightly dismissed in 2014. Now it seems the illustrious Comedian, so anxious for peace, is quite happy to order troops withdrawals from the contact line to accomodate the Muscovite invader. See;

                    I am not sure if this new 'Government' is criminally inept or criminally complicit with the aggressor but one must true. What evidence is there of 'good faith' on the other side? Two soldiers have been killed this last week alone! The Putin regime has not kept one single 'agreement' so to believe it may do so now because the Comedian is a 'nice guy' or some such is the thinking of an idiot. Moreover this is OUR land, sactified by the blood and lives and blood of our troops. It is a dishonour to their sacrifice for the homeland to freely relinquish the soil which they died defending. It is incompatible with honour and what should be Ukrainian dignity. It is certainly incompatibile with my sense of honour as a Polish aristocrat and Ukrainian citizen. I have attended the funerals of too many victims perhaps to ever think that our soldiers - some whom I counted as friends - could be in vain. Moreover there is not a single doubt in my mind that wherever Ukrainian forces withdraw the aggressor will move up in the free territory and occupy our previous positions or create new ones facing west. Withdraw 3km - thankyou - withdraw 20km - thankyou very much but it will not stop the war, just cede more land that later we lose more lives reclaiming. It is inanity of the first degree when there is not a shred of evidence to suggest it to believe that the enemy will in any way reciprocate such a 'gesture' and not take full advantage of it. I know some who cannot and will not obey such an order and who have submitted their resignations or permissions to return home. They are not one bit pleased naturally.

                    Other than this there is growing doubt regarding the new Comedian's motives particularly regarding the 'oligarch' Kolomoisky who last week was pictured in the Comedian's Presidential Office. This is do with Privatbank, which was Ukraine's single largest bank and had unsustainable debts compared to it's assets so was 'nationalised' in 2016 (or around then) so as not to wreck the whole Ukrainian banking system leaving people unable to access their savings etc. Privatbank was majority owned by our friend Ihor Kolomoisky and on the day that he was in the Comedian's Office their headquarters in Kyiv were raided by armed police. Did they expect the bank employees to resist with papers or suspect the bank employees were hoarding a weapons stockpile and were secretely trained soldiers? Presumably so... Staff were held face against walls, lie on the floor - full works; a proper 'Grom' raid. No weapons were discovered of course but what a fiasco.

                    Now we come to the 'culprit' of the Privatbank nationalisation (at least in Kolomoisky's eyes). That at the time was a Lady named Valeria Gontareva, who was then Chairperson of the National Bank of Ukraine. Well a few months ago she was hit by car in London - seemingly currently wheelchair bound, her son's car burnt out, her appartment in Kyiv raided - and one day after Kolomoisky visited the Comedian's office, her house outside Kyiv burnt down in an arson attack. Seems a bit harsh on the Lady who secured the IMF loan so evidently some private grudge is at work and who has the power, resources and motivation to do such things? All eyes turn to Kolomoisky who so clearly has the support of the Comedian and so effectively has what the Muscovite criminal fraternity call a "krysha" meaning 'roof' - an insider in some part of authority who, usually for a 'donation' of some sort, will turn a blind eye or stall any investigation etc.

                    On Privatbank we got a contradictory from of all people the new Foreign Minister who speaks fluent English saying that were not negotiating but were with Privatbanks owners. This raises so many questions in itself... What interest does the Foreign Minister have being perhaps the first.

                    Another thing that they are speaking of doing is introducing what is called a 'compulsory mandate' into the procedural rules of the Rada. This would effectively make it compulsory for Delegates (MPs) to vote for any motion their Party proposed. If an delegate refuses to obey the 'Party line' he/she may face 'de-selection' (from the Party list) and so be cast out as a representative of the people from the Rada altogether. Someone more ameniable would take then be selected to take their place. Clearly outrageous for any normal Parliament.

                    They also voted to fire the entire electoral commission. Why? Nobody is saying. One would have thought that an electoral Commission that validated the Comedians election must be ok. Seems not. Then some rumours surfaced - well the Defence Minister said if I am to be precise (the Government spokeslady later dismissed it as 'rumour') - that the Electoral commission had to go so that local elections could go on in the occupied area as well as in elsewhere at the same time next year. Why does this require the firing of the electoral commission? Will more 'receptive' commissioners be appointed in the occupied areas? It stinks to hell. The whole attitude of this new 'Servant of the People Party" elected Deputies was captured on TV when a reported dared to ask "One what grounds did you vote to fire the electoral commission?" The Honourable Deputy turned to the Lady reporter, sneered and in reply "Who are you to question me?" I have a friend who witnessed this. Then later the TV office was raided and the footage of this exchange confiscated or deleted; Servant of who party you call yourselves? The energy Minister has today proposed that Ukraine resume buying gas from the Muscovite state owned Gazprom - who have yet to settle the debt of some $3.6bn awarded by the Stokholm court. Where does this end? Not well for sure. What is the comedian thinking? Is he really THAT stupid or is he a traitor? Time only will tell but I was among those who tendered their resignations today over the military withdrawals.

                    Finally we come to the American part in this 'Steinmeier formula' style 'appeasement', increased arrogance of the Deputies of the 'Servant of the Comedian' Party and it's willingness to 'compromise' with the enemy and oligarchs. The alleged US role in these events here I understand has been in the news there regarding the earlier Congress approval of some $250m worth of arms sales to Ukraine. Trumpkin held this up and in the meantime his lawyer Guiliani visited Kyiv - it is alleged (I never saw him) - to urge an investigation into some a son of Joe Biden's who sat on the Board of an Ukrainian oil company named Bursina. This Guiliani alleges apparently is evidence of corruption within Ukraine and the Biden family. Personally I think this is sraping over crumbs - many Ukrainian companies invite 'Western' educated and linked people onto their Boards as they want experience and knowledge of how the 'West' operates to be better able to market and gain liscences their goods and services there. If you have contacts it's a bonus for the company.

                    More recently in the US there has it seems been a 'Whistleblower' argument. Apparently in the US there is a law which protects some Government employee from coming forward to the relevant authority with information regarding Government irregularities and such - a noble law indeed which Snowden chose not to avail himself of. So it is apparently normal - perhaps law - (not sure which) that once a 'whistleblower' complaint is registered that it should be passed onto the relevant committee in Congress within a limited time. This has not occured as I understand the story and thus the committee is rightfully upset if this is so. Furthermore this 'leak' or 'whistleblower' (as there is apparently a legal option) is, it is said, regarding a "promise" the traitor Trumpin made to some uknown 'foreign leader'.

                    Ok, so the 'conspiracy theory' here is that the Guiliani - Biden son 'investigation' (which the Police, NBU and SBU all deny they are doing) is a bluff. The witholding the arms was nothing to do with this. It was all about getting Ukraine (the Comedian in particular) to agree to the 'withdrawals' and so Zelensky has rehashed the 'Steinmeier formula' as an excuse for this - and probably a few other things such an invitation to the Whitehouse; thus the alleged Trumpkin "promise" was made to the Comedian to agree the arms sales if he agreed to the withdrawal. Trump being a tool of Putin as the KGB have the dirt on him is literally blackmailing Ukraine - whether this is true or the 'Biden investigation' is true. What business has Guiliani otherwise and is he a lawyer or some form of diplomat? If this theory is correct - and I do not know that it is - then this is the reason for such disgracefull orders of withdrawal.

                    Whether or not these things are done by the Comedian's Government in complicity with the enemy does not matter to me. It is dishounarable and disgrafull to freely withdraw from towns and villages in which our own people have died to save our homes, families and dignity. I joined with others today tendering my resignation as it is "incompatible with my honour" to observe such an order. I have two young children at home and do not have to be here. If fools try wish to dishonour themselves they may do so but I shall have no part in it.


                    • Yesterday the Comedian in chief gave his first ever press conference since being elected (all of 15mins) and indicated that Ukraine would accept the "Steinmeier formula" for the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Within an hour people had gathered on Maidan with banners saying "no surrender" and calling for the Comedian to go. In opinion polls just 14% of Ukrainians think the occupied regions in Donbass should receive some sort of 'special status'.

                      Here I think we may see the culmination of all the 'Western' (including Trump's) efforts to extort Ukraine on Moscow behalf. This is why France and Germany were willing to allow Muscovy back into PACE - allegedly to 'safeguard the rights of Muscovite citizens'... presumably not the 2000+ Muscovite citizens arrested and beaten for protesting the Moscow city council elections which PACE has not complained about so this was clearly an excuse only. Macron has been even more forward recently saying "it's time for Europe to reach out to Russia — to keep it in the Western fold, check its global ambitions and avoid being caught in the middle of a new Cold War."

                      Yesterday it was on Monday it was reported that the so called 'leader' of the so called 'Donetsk Peoples Republic' (DPR) Denis Pushilin had been arrested; Now perhaps we see why he was removed as he had announced about a week ago that the so called 'DPR' would join 'Muscovite Federation'. In the meantime we had Guiliani allegedly on behalf of the US State Department trying to get dirt VP Biden and his son and then Trump's telephone conversation with Zelensky mentioning the 'Crowdstrike server', Crowdstrike being the company that called in to investigate the hacks of their servers by 'Cozybear' and 'Fancybear' (the GRU) in 2014. By alleging that this 'Crowdstrike server' is in Ukraine Trump is effectively rehashing a Muscovite conspiracy theory of 2014 that "It wasn't us what dun it; it was the Ukrainians!" This explains why Australia and others were also pressured re-open 2014 autopsy's - to prove that it was not Muscovy at all. The one thing that Moscow and so therefore Trump want most of all is to end the sanctions so the dual 'reworking' of blame for the 2014 hacks and getting Zelensky to agree to a 'peace plan' (that amounts to a surrender) works out very smoothly for all the traitors and appeasers.

                      Most to blame though is Zelensky who very clearly should have just said 'no'. He has made some meaningless murmurs about "no elections in Donbass until the Muscovites withdraw their forces" which sounds all bullish until you remember that Moscow has always denied having any forces in Donbass in the first place. So he will ask them to 'withdraw troops' and they will say 'done as we never had any troops there'. Then the 'elections' will ahead and be rigged in the normal fashion - regardless of the 1.5m displaced citizens of the area who are now in other parts of Ukraine who will effectively be disenfranchised in their home regions. Some new Muscovite puppets will be 'selected' and the occupied areas become semi autonomous while Ukraine takes on the bills and corruption of the Muscovite puppet regimes - presumably even paying the Muscovite troops! The West and Trump then say "Look peace!" sanctions end Trump blames Ukraine for the Democrat hack. Cosy(bear).

                      It is not going down well here though - demonstrations today and Yulia Tymoshenko's Party and Holos (Slava Varachuk's Party) in the Rada are demanding to see the text of the agreement that Zelensky has said he will sign. Make no mistake this is surrender pure and simple; apart from what happens in Donbass will we not mention the illegal seizure of Crimea or is that to be brushed under the carpet as 'inconvenient'? I do not believe this is the end, for as anyone with a basic understanding of history knows, appeasement merely encourages further aggression. Where next? Perhaps the Dnipro? Perhaps Belarus? The Baltics? Conceding this battle directly encourages the next. It may be that Zelensky will have to go for his treason - there can be no other word for it. God willing it will bring about the end of the Muscovite agent in the White House.


                      • Looks like the Ukrainian people are not going to buy this 'surrender'. Tonight there have been protests from Lviv to Kharkiv -thousands in Kyiv and I know many are heading to Kyiv for tomorrow. This is outside the Presidential Office in Kyiv this evening; The first tent has gone up on Maidan.


                        • I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a still serving representative of Ukraine abroad - whom I bear no ill will toward and will leave nameless, that to some extent helped me clarify the issues around my "no surrender" point of view (which prompted my resignation) and the other view evidently espoused in defence of the current Comedian/President.

                          This official, who is known to be a social friend though not particularly a personal one of mine, telephoned me yesterday and essentially urged me to support 'Ze's' 'peace formula' along the "Steinmeier formula" format. Among other things he asked I was prepared to commit to "endless war?" while urging me that the Zelensky plan shows 'good will', brings POWs home, unblocks negotiations, and we can refuse to play along if our interests are hurt. Well on the face of it there are many tempting reasons why such an offer might seem enticing and in the interests of Ukraine. Let's face it anyone who has spent even a day at front under fire would not wish it to continue a day longer than is necessary for the preservation of the sovereign nation. Only a maniac goes willingly to war and Ukraine since it's independence in 1990/91 has invaded no other country. So 'ending the war' seems at first a rosy idea.

                          The main difference between the "no surrender" camp, in which I include myself but many other more prominent people agree including Poroshenko and former PM Yatsenyuk, and the 'peace' camp seems to me to be our trust or distrust of Muscovite intentions and motives. When I asked this Official if he "really believed they will withdraw when we withdraw?" he replied "We have their commitment". This just made me laugh. "What commitments have not broken already and you believe they will keep this one?" Here he played his "endless war" - we have to try - card as I mentioned above which at the time I was honestly unable to answer.

                          For myself I have resolved that dying for the honour of my family in defence of my home is sufficient and am happy to give my life knowing Ukraine will rise again stronger on the legends of our heroes. If that means eternal war until victory or total defeat so be it. Deus vult. I do not believe though that this is the real position in which Ukraine and all it's people stand; there is no desperation - no lack of will of to fight. Nor is there a single shred of evidence to suggest Putin and his gang of murderers and thieves will honour any agreement. We will withdraw, they will occupy the territory where our troops shed blood and ask us to withdraw again. No concession will ever be sufficient to appease the Muscovite neo Tsar and his criminal mafia gang. The only true choices are to remain on the front as it now is (on which there were 41 attacks yesterday) or advance.

                          It turns out also that in the wording of the '"Steinmeier formula" format that Ukrainian Government of imbecilic traitors has signed up to there is no mention of the withdrawal of Muscovite forces or Ukrainian taking control of the border. Nothing - not one mention - of Crimea! It is dishonourable to all our fallen troops and will not bring 'peace' but only invite further agression. When sanctions were not imposed in 2008 many of us knew Ukraine was possibly next and if Ukraine concedes to Muscovite demands of "federalization" as the the semi autonomy and continued subjugation of the occupied Donbass regions would imply then Belarus, where the Muscovite Military Attache has recently been expelled as png, will be next.

                          Nor is Putin half as strong as many seem to think; the demonstrations in Moscow recently prove he is losing his grip upon his slaves. Nor are his forces half as strong as is believed - a Ukrainian attack reached beyond the border just two weeks ago. Ukrainian salvation lies not in withdrawing from our front but in advancing and making common cause with those people in the Muscovite Empire that would be rid of the neo tsarist kgb mafia dwarf and his criminal gang. No capitulation!


                          • Big protests all over Ukraine from the front to Lviv - estimated 10,000 in Kyiv - about this insane "Steinmeier formula" type of capitulation.

                            Today the troops were due withdraw from Zolote & Petrivske (in Luhansk Oblast) but apparently they have not as the Muscovites are still attacking - is the official reason given for this failure to obey orders. Will this benign belief in the presumed 'good will' of the the aggressor continue when it proven incorrect on the ground? Or is the Zelensky going to send 'loyal' troops to disarm those who refuse his idiotic orders? Is Zelensky and his Government bought or is he the 'patriot' he claims to be?

                            I voted for Poroshenko as I prefer the devil I know but was quite open to giving 'Ze' a chance and had he proved wise or patriotic I would have supported him but he has only been elected a mere matter of months and has made arguably unconstitutional decisions - illegal appointments and is now posing a threat to innocent Ukrainian civilians who's lives will likely be at risk if Ukrainian forces withdraw and leave them with no protection; to the gulags possibly with new Muscovite migrants given their homes - same as they did in Crimea with the Tatars (which is why it now has a Muscovite speaking majority). The same was done during the Holodomor. It is Muscovite colonialism. NO! NO! NO! Not again!

                            If Zelensky is an idiot he needs to hire better advisors - the head of the National Security and Defence Council resigned over this so presumably argued against it. If he is bought - and his actions seem increasing to point that way - he must go.


                            • Surprise surprise... troops withdrawals from the front cancelled indefinitely;


                              • Good news; inflation down to 6%

                                Bad news; Zolote ('Zolotey' in English pronunciation) withdrawal completed after 'Ze' visited (some now call him 'Monica' as in Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton etc) and had a stand up argument on camera with a serving soldier who told him he was being an idiot. "I am 43 and I am not a sucker" said our brave and all wise President who's control on power reaches further every day. He is a liar though. The Muscovites have not withdrawn so he is a 'sucker'; a 'Monica'.

                                Elsewhere Ukraine had a court victory in the International Court of Justice when the court dismissed the Muscovite's objections to it's jurisdiction over the cases brought by Ukraine against the Muscovite Federation. These charges allege the violation of the funding of terrorism treaty (ICSFT) and racism (against the Crimean Tatars) under International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination of 21 December 1965 (“CERD”). So the substantive case can follow. The full ruling for those interested (in English) is here;