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  • After migrants tried to exchange "culture" with his girlfriend, the boyfriend goes postal in the one of the largest so called migrant camps in Serbia. Prepare for ramming speed.


    • Northern Macedonia prints the stamp with the map of Independent State of Croatia that existed during the WW2 as the Nazi satellite. It goes well with Orban's map, I might add.
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      • Perhaps it is a side effect of the Covid 19 in the Balkans. Oh no wait, it is not, just business as usual. Ok, we have an insane situation now at hands and it is related to women, whom heard about sale of the designer clothes and went absolutely berserk. They went so insane that the state urgently reacted with penalties for not respecting measures of social distancing and wearing masks. The fine is now 1500 euros.

        But that didn't stop them. Nothing can stop that, not the wars, not the asteroid not the covid 19 not the plague, not the black hole. They have to go on shopping.

        -This is madness.
        -THIS IS S H O P P I N G!!!!!!


        • Ok, the grim side of the quarantine is sowing its ugly face.
          Few days ago we had a family massacre in the southern parts of the country, when the son from the first marriage went on a hatchet killing spree, killing his father, his new wife and their two daughters. The reason was money dispute and the murderer had a mental condition. Than there is an increase of sex related crimes, so far two rape attempts, reported and the usual mafia activity. The last one happened two days ago in Belgrade, when the hitman hired by one of two Montenegro criminal clans raided the cafe in search of the members of the opposing criminal clan. He was arrested the next day.


          • Well well well, we have a new development today. For some reason, the military is currently being deployed in the city of Sid in order to protect citizens and property from migrants. No news or any information has come out of the city which suggests that situation is rather bad.


            • It appears that special forces have been deployed at the scene. Information is pretty thin and no one knows what is actually happening.



                "His partner Ivana Stanic, a singer, told the media: 'We had an ideal relationship, everything was great." . Until he blew his brains out.

                Message from Robert Briffault:
                "The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place. — Robert Briffault, The Mothers. The matriarcal Theory of social origins, p21"
                Will the men ever learn. She doesn't love you because she can't love you, she is not designed by nature to love you.


                • Montenegro clan wars, executions in Ukraine, drugs&hot chicks with guns... Interesting course of events with Montenegro now days .
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                  • Things here are active again and many unpleasant secrets have been revealed. For example, the tax wars between Kosovo and Serbia are done because Germany demanded it from Albanians. The Montenegro has protests and the criminal war between its narco clans or cartels is raging all across Europe. On top of all that, Richard Grenell is coming. More or less, the story is pretty much straight forward, just follow the money and you will see that the drug's money is used to finance all sorts of "freedom" processes in the Balkans. Of course where is drugs there are agencies of all shapes and sizes so again we have an intelligence orgies here. Things are moving and changing but into what it is uncertain. Virtually all major players are here, from Americans to Turks and they are dancing the danse macabre sometimes via proxies sometimes directly.
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                    • Well, current situation here is somewhat weird. The quarantine has passed, the number of infected is lower down and the number of deaths is withering as well. There is a somewhat steady number of people infected but without symptoms. The election campaign is in full swing but people are dazed. It is really really weird situation.
                      The party at power beats its drums, trying to cache in on the pandemics and the ways how it handle it, the opposition is virtually non existent and unable to put up any challenge to the ruling party. During the lock down, main themes revolved around usual paranoid narratives about 5G, origins of the SARS Cov 2 in addition to the usual topics that are circulating here ( crime and migrants). The narrative that the EU has a secret plan to return all migrants to Serbia and thus re create the Ottoman empire in order to prevent so called "malignant Russian influence" didn't lost its potency. Migrants themselves are behaving more or less in usual manner and in accordance to their world beliefs, meaning pillage, rape and steal. As the result of their behaviour, the govt had to dispatch military in the most troublesome areas and that claimed a things a bit but still, the tensions are growing. Everything seems somewhat depressive, passive aggressive and mellow.


                      • Actually...

                        Everyone is waiting for the outcome from the US. The fate of the US is the factor that will decide the direction of the next move. In a way, the events that are happening in the US these days are pivotal. In the next two weeks, situation there will be resolved one way or another. Current developments in the US, follow the predicted path from the dead thread and it appears that the option A has been chosen.

                        Well, good luck and see you on the other side, is all I can wish and say at this moment.


                        • In a way, these two stories are connected on the highest plane. What is happening in the US today, is not Rodney King re run.

                          What is happening is the ending of a process that started in 17th century with the formation of two entities, E. I. C. on November 31st 1600 and V.O.C. founded on March 20th. 1602. These two entities, played the key role in the formation of the world view in the West and they are the frame in which the Western world operated until 2015. The philosophy that was formed within this frame is the guiding force behind all events from that era till today. At the time when it was conceived, the system was perfect and it served West well. It was the basis for its power and wealth accumulation, growth of the society and culture. However, the system had one fatal flaw that was accumulating over centuries and it ultimately lead to the demise of those two entities. VOC was nationalized in 1799, while EIC suffered the same fate in 1858. Those entities disappeared but their spirit endured and with it the flaw that ended those two mega corporations endured as well. What is happening in the US now, is the consequence of that systemic error, its cumulative outcome.

                          The loss of North American colonies in the American revolution (1765-1783) shifted the focus of the British Empire from the West to the East and in that focus was crown jewel, the Kohinoor.India. Also, on the East, British Empire had a foe. Russia. However, the Russia wasn't an maritime empire and the maritime civilization and that was both good and bad news for the British Empire. As long as Russia didn't had access to the sea, the risk of direct confrontation was avoided and that was good for the British Empire. But the prospect that Russia could develop a navy, was bad. Russia had enough resources and the man power to build a navy, strong enough to challenge the Royal Navy and with enough ports located at warm seas, Russian navy would endanger the British rule in the future. In addition, the lack of naval power on the Russian side, was compensated by vast land forces, something that British Empire lacked. So in a way, an weird balance was formed, as long as Russia stays feet dry things are ok but when it rises to the position that it can go feet wet it was call for action. Same goes vice versa for the British.

                          However, British Empire had another advantage that, in my view, was more important than the Royal Navy-its intelligence service.

                          The power of British intelligence is vast, not only in terms of material resources but its greatest strength lies in its ability to act on multiple planes simultaneously at the same time. Its ability to create synergy of all dimensions of human existence and to utilize it towards the goal, gives it the edge over its opponents and places it always 10 steps ahead of its adversaries. This ability was perfected and strengthen via colonial experience and over time it gave the ability to the British intelligence to foresee events far into the future. To put it bluntly, the plane where British intelligence operates is the future, by recognizing the potential for the threat and acting before the threat becomes reality. Its course of action is preemptive ,not reactive.

                          With that ability, it was easy for the British Empire to determine its course of action in the East and that course was containment of Russia, also known as The great game. The preservation of the Ottoman Empire became the main focus of the British Empire, simply because the Ottoman Empire was a damn to the expansion of the Russian Empire. Therefore, anything that could endanger the Ottoman Empire, was seen as threat to the British Empire. However, the weakening Ottoman Empire was crumbling due to its internal turmoils and that created an great concern. It brought forth the question of the replacement of Ottoman empire with anything but the Russian Empire.

                          At the centre of that question, was Serbia and Montenegro and the stance that the British Empire, followed by the rest of the Europe took than, remained unchanged till this day.

                          So what is the connection than, because all this doesn't make any sense. The connection is the act 1807.

                          Because in 1807, both America and Serbia, were, the only two countries freed from Imperial rule. Americans were freed from the British rule and Serbs were freed from the Ottoman one. Both countries fought for their freedom and were able to achieve it trough revolution.They were independent countries. The path that these two countries will take will differ in the times to come, one will lose its freedom and re take it only to throw it away for good at the beginning of 20th century. Other one will keep its values for bit longer but it too will be dragged into a quagmire of "integrations" at the same time, haunted by the same restless spirits of the past.

                          The fatal flaw that haunts and that creates nightmares is the faulty sense of the world created by those two corporations and their respective countries of origin.

                          Problem with the islanders perception of the world is that for them, everything on the planet Earth is, in one form or another, an island and the problem with the corporate entity such as VOC and EIC is that they are businesses not countries. When combined together, this worldview doesn't leave much space for freedom and enforces dependency. Because an island always needs something from a another island and that creates dependency. Problem is, that the world is not an island and some parts of that world are perfectly self sufficient.

                          And that is bad for the business.
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                          • As my friend put it vividly, the current situation can be described as such:
                            "Imagine Europe as a street full of fancy restaurants, with top notch service, prices most exuberant. Those restaurants require supplies and goods and they get it from a big old farmer in, lets say Iowa. But they despise him, he lacks manners, he is sometimes rude, he has his ways that are not classy by their standards. So they constantly demean him. Farmer has children, that like European restaurants and the European restaurants owners enchant them with the style and ways up to the point when farmer children start to despise the father as well.
                            Farmer supplies those restaurants because that is why he makes his living but slowly the attitude of the owners starts to get on his nerves and he decides to do something about it. He made the calculation that it will be far more profitable for him to open his own chain of restaurants. That upsets the European restaurants owners and they use the farmer's children to put a pressure on him to return to his previous business, by promising his children good income if they take out the father. But the farmer is firm and confident,he doesn't take form anyone, especially his own kin so he decides to discipline them and teach them manners."

                            This is the process of "decoupling" in a nutshell, that is happening now. The end of globalization and the return to the system of self sufficiency. Will the force that decided to take America back win, remains to be seen. One thing is certain, they are ready to go all the way to take it back.

                            At what ever the cost might be.
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                            • Leftists subliminal messaging



                              • This one is interesting
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