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  • Volgagrad (formerly Stalingrad)

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    • Originally posted by snapper View Post
      Volgagrad (formerly Stalingrad)
      And formerly Tsaritsyn. Only its name is Volgograd ;) A descent pic actually, there are plenty of places far less suitable for living in Russia than this suburb
      We're so bad, we're even bad at it


      • The Marvelous Residents of Moscow speaking to their Mayor Sergey Sobyanin as reported by the Mayor's Office:
        24 October 2017

        Sergey Sobyanin: Good day!

        Residents: Good day!

        Sobyanin: Hello. How are things with you here?

        Residents: It’s excellent here, we have this park.

        Residents: Everything is amazing, unrecognisable.

        Residents: And we’re in a good mood.

        Residents: We’ve been living here for a long time, it’s very nice.

        Sobyanin: It’s a wonderful place, beautiful.

        Residents: Thank you.

        Sobyanin: The Mikhalkovo historical estate is a historical monument. Unfortunately, everything here was in disrepair, nothing had been repaired in a long time. Residents have been asking us to put things in order for a long time. We came up with a project, we agreed it with you, held a vote.

        Residents: Thank you.

        Sobyanin: But it seems like it’s turned out well.

        Residents: Wonderfully.

        Residents: It’s amazing! We want to express our huge gratitude to you. The park is amazing. There’s lighting. It’s been adapted for children. Before we had to travel to other neighbourhoods. Now we have this park, we’ve breathed a sigh of relief. Huge thanks to you. It’s been done both beautifully and creatively, and, most importantly, quickly.

        Residents: There’s a lot of playgrounds.

        Residents: Yes, it’s very good.

        Sobyanin: Of course, the situation here was difficult. We released a lot of water, it seems, and then the smell…

        Residents: Yes-yes-yes.

        Sobyanin: And there were a lot of vehicles.

        Residents: We put up with it, we knew what it was for.

        Sobyanin: But you had to put up with it because there was no point doing this without cleaning up the ponds, of course. They cleaned the ponds, shored up the bank, installed lighting, CCTV — everything that you need. How’s the playground?

        Residents: Amazing!

        Residents: The playgrounds are excellent, great.

        Sobyanin: Are there any remarks?

        Residents: It’s remarkable.

        Residents: It’d be great if there were more basketball hoops.

        Residents: And we also want a playground for little kids.

        Sobyanin: What do you want?

        Residents: A playground for the really little kids.

        Sobyanin: A little playground for the little ones? OK, we’ll do it, we’ll build a playground for the little ones next year.

        Residents: And some more basketball hoops.

        Sobyanin: We’ll do the basketball hoops if they’re needed. Yes, yes. Of course, the boys need to play basketball.

        Residents: And I want to shake your hand. Our ancestors, the founders of this estate, must be proud of you, because you transformed this completely abandoned place into a little corner of heaven.

        Sobyanin: The park in Mikhalkovo isn’t the only park which we’re working on, we’ve doubled the number of parks in Moscow over the past few years, there’s twice as many of them.

        Residents: Yes, we’ve read about that.

        Sobyanin: And those parks that were already there, we also restored them. The Mikhalkovo estate has always been considered a park.

        Residents: Yes-yes-yes.

        Sobyanin: But what was the quality like? It was quite different. It’s was the same in other parks: both in the city centre and in the suburbs. Your district isn’t bad, I think, especially with such a pearl like this estate.

        Residents: Exactly.

        Sobyanin: It wasn’t a pearl before, but now you can call it a pearl

        Residents: It’s as if no one privatised it.

        Sobyanin: No, nobody is privatising it.

        Residents: We follow what’s going on in Moscow. It’s all good and wonderful, it makes us happy and, of course, our kids.

        Sobyanin: We’re going to be working more on creating and restoring parks. We’re planning, by the way, to build a small park in the Golovinsky neighbourhood, in one of the micro-districts. There’s also a programme on beautifying courtyards, we’ll be continuing it annually, because we need to rebuild those courtyards, which were reconstructed first in 2011, at a new level. So this is constant work, it’s not some kind of cowboy job, it’s planned, methodical. All projects are agreed with the residents, they’re done so that it’s more comfortable, convenient for residents, not for someone else. That’s very important. Thank you very much.

        Residents: Thank you very much!

        Residents: Thank you for finding the funds, the opportunity, you noticed us, honestly, you did something.

        Residents: Sergey Semyonovich, thank you so much.

        Sobyanin: Thank you. Let’s take a photo to remember this.

        Sobyanin: With the boy? The girl?

        Residents: The boy.

        Sobyanin: How old is he?

        Residents: Three months. Thank you so much for this park. We live here and have waited a long time for this. We would just walk around and think: “When are they going to get to our park?” And we’re very happy.

        Sobyanin: Nothing was done here for 30 years. Of course it went into this state.

        Residents: It feels like nothing has been done here since Catherine the Great.

        Sobyanin: No, something was done in the Soviet era. Sometime in 1970. And they tried to restore a small part of it in 2015. But nothing on this global scale was done. But the park is wonderful. Such ponds. God himself ordered it to be repaired.

        Residents: The only thing we want is for it to be maintained. I don’t know, perhaps the people themselves can take care of it.

        Sobyanin: Well it’d be great if people themselves will take care of it.

        Residents: We try, we always clean up after our dog and bring our rubbish home if there’s no bin. If we have a barbeque, then we clean up after everyone.

        Sobyanin: What’s your name?

        Residents: Lena.

        Sobyanin: Thank you.

        Residents: Thank you so much.

        Seems Putin may have an opponent in the subservient stakes.