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    Wondered what that "double pump" term meant and now I understand.

    No Margin Left: Overworked Carrier Force Struggles to Maintain Deployments After Decades of Overuse | USNI | Nov 12 2020

    the Pentagon is using up aircraft carrier readiness faster than the Navy can generate it.

    The pace requires several carriers being asked to do double-pump deployments – two back-to-back deployments overseas without a major maintenance period in between – or curtail maintenance periods.
    I remember a thread here where a US destroyer rammed another ship and it was discovered the crew were over worked. Reading that article you get the impression these USN crews are being run ragged :/

    Am wondering when will India be able to contribute here in a coordinated manner. When will all these exercises we conduct with the USN ostensibly for inter operability over many years going to materialise into something tangible !!

    More hands makes less work
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      US commits to joining UK carrier strike group | Defence Connect | Jan 22 2021

      The US has formally committed F-35B Joint Strike Fighters and a guided missile destroyer as part of the UK’s Queen Elizabeth Carrier Strike Group for the ship’s maiden deployment.
      As for double pump, this chinese source had the following to say

      Why does the United States and Britain plan to form a joint aircraft carrier battle group?

      Expert interpretation: The U.S. military has about four months of "carrier-free period" in the Asia-Pacific region each year.

      The U.S. hopes to use British aircraft carriers to supplement its lack of sea power; and the U.K. is also eager to restore the special relationship between Britain and the United States to improve its international status and play a role as a great power
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