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Coronavirus: the Chinese Political Angle

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    Oh No : (

    They are still learning about this new virus...


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      Viral Alarm: When Fury Overcomes Fear | China File | Feb 10 2020

      An Essay by Xu Zhangrun, Translated and Annotated by Geremie R. Barmé


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        China informed the WHO on Dec 31 2019 according to this report from BBC's Channel 4 Fact check series.

        Or just a day after Dr. Li sounded the alarm. So the WHO got the heads up weeks before they made the public announcement on Jan 20 and started publishing statistics


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          EU experts: closing borders 'ineffective' for coronavirus | EU Observer | Feb 28 2020

          "Refusal of entry is not considered an appropriate preventive measure as the virus would spread further" since those potential patients would keep moving in the region without being treated, EU sources said.

          Instead, the experts advised having "systematic" checks for all those arriving, ensuring a coordinated approach between border guards and national authorities, as well as a real-time exchange of information.
          I can see why this makes sense for the EU but it does not apply for Israel and other smaller countries.

          Italy and South Korea join China as coronavirus pariahs as countries close borders | Fortune | Feb 27 2020

          Travelers flying out from Italy, which is experiencing a significant COVID-19 outbreak, are now blocked from entering Israel unless they are Israeli citizens. The Middle Eastern country’s first COVID-19 case was diagnosed on Thursday—a man who entered Israel from Italy on Sunday.

          The move comes several days after Israel turned away 130 South Korean air passengers, before issuing a broad ban on anyone who was in South Korea over the previous two weeks. Israel is also blocking entry for people who were recently in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore and, of course, China.

          Israel may be the first country to outright block people from entering on flights from Italy, but it is not the only country to be shunning people from South Korea; Bahrain and Jordan have done the same.

          Outside the Middle East, countries including the U.K. and Ethiopia have told travelers from South Korea to self-quarantine for two weeks.

          The American territory of Samoa has done the same for people coming from South Korea, Japan, China and Singapore, and the U.S. military has restricted non-essential travel to South Korea.

          On Thursday, Saudi Arabia, which so far has no reported coronavirus cases, took the unprecedented step of temporarily closing its borders to anyone—barring Saudi nationals—trying to undertake the Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca or visit the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. Tourists also cannot visit Saudi Arabia if they come from any country with a confirmed outbreak.
          Saudis learnt from Iran. The outbreak started at Qom so they figured stopping pilgrims from coming to Mecca would prevent similar in the kingdom.
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            Originally posted by Double Edge View Post
            From the The Canadians didn't do it dept : D

            Virologist tells Steve Bannon his coronavirus conspiracy theory theory is from “crackpot websites” and is a “load of crap”

            The number of people i see that are so convinced COVID 19 is a bio weapon is staggering.
            Here's the actual portion of the talk where Dr. Steven Hatfill debunks the bioweapon theory

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              This outbreak is stressing the Chinese to breaking point : (

              Doctors and nurses fighting coronavirus in China die of both infection and fatigue | LA Times | Feb 25 2020

              A spate of recent deaths at China’s coronavirus epicenter highlights how COVID-19 has strained medical workers struggling to stem an outbreak that has killed more than 2,700 people and infected more than 80,000 worldwide.

              Chinese health authorities and a team from the World Health Organization reported Monday evening that 3,387 health workers in China had been infected with COVID-19, more than 90% of whom were in Hubei province, the outbreak’s ground zero.
              These doctors & nurses are the heroes here. It's not good that they become infected as well. Your front line soldiers are not there any more to fight.

              CCP won't allow foreign doctors to come in because it makes them look bad

              Trump's offered help three times already. To send experts to China.

              Exhaustion is one reason medical workers have high vulnerability to infection, said John Nicholls, a Hong Kong University pathologist who worked on the 2003 SARS outbreak (he never saw deaths from overwork during the fight against severe acute respiratory syndrome, though). Others include lack of training in personal protective equipment, contaminated surfaces, close contact with sick patients, and — perhaps most pertinent to China’s situation — people operating outside their area of expertise.

              When SARS broke out, doctors from different departments were asked to join the front lines, Nicholls said. But many medical workers weren’t properly trained for procedures such as intubation in a high-risk infectious disease environment.

              In a crisis situation without proper training, medics rushing to the front then easily became infected, and spread infections to others. Nicholls sees a similar pattern with COVID-19.

              “I’m not surprised. I’m disappointed that people didn’t learn from SARS,” he said. “The worse thing is once you get an infected healthcare worker, then there’s extra workload on the others.”

              “There has to be a sense that only the people trained ... should be allowed to have access, not to allow any people who are willing but maybe not properly trained with the skills,” he said.

              China has sent tens of thousands of medical workers from all over the country to bolster relief efforts in Wuhan. It’s a major focus of state propaganda. The narrative features few details on whether the teams receive protective training or other safety measures. Instead, many state videos play inspirational music as doctors and nurses pump their fists, shout patriotic slogans, and prepare for “battle.”
              Some times a line is crossed

              One article by the Wuhan Evening News praised a 28-year-old nurse who went back to front-line work 10 days after a miscarriage, calling her a “warrior.” Many online commenters objected.

              “Stop this type of propaganda! Stop putting unprotected medical workers on the front line,” one user wrote.

              “She is willing to give of herself for the public, the public should protect her rights in return. Our great nation should never allow a vulnerable nurse to look after the patients,” another wrote.

              State channel CCTV also aired a report about a pregnant nurse only 20 days from her delivery date but still working in an Wuhan emergency ward, calling her a “great mother and angel in a white gown.”

              Internet users, feminists and academics were furious.

              “Hospitals should not be allowing a nurse who is nine months pregnant — or the one who’d had a miscarriage — to work. Their immune systems are weakened, and it’s highly possible that they will be infected with the virus,” feminist writer Hou Hongbin told the South China Morning Post.

              “These reports are just propaganda.... They’re humiliating these nurses, but they present it as if they are making a sacrifice,” Hou said.

              Both nurse stories were deleted after the public backlash.
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                Politicians are elected to serve...far too many don't see it that way - Albany Rifles! || Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it - Mark Twain! || I am a far left millennial!


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                  Originally posted by Oracle View Post
                  Post #32


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                    Originally posted by Double Edge View Post
                    Post #32
                    I just came across this video on my youtube feed, and listened to it. Will read the rest of this thread later, as I'm down with flu maybe, high BP. Poor lifestyle choices are fast catching up with me. Oh God, this damn running rose. :(
                    Politicians are elected to serve...far too many don't see it that way - Albany Rifles! || Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it - Mark Twain! || I am a far left millennial!


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                      If true this is worse than the CCP. Iran is going to be the worst hit country. If they keep this up they will end up conducting a regime change on their own..

                      All in all its just another lick of the wall

                      We don't need no education
                      We don't need no thought control ,
                      no dark sarcasm in the classrooms....

                      hey teacher leave them kids alone.....

                      Fitting yeah?

                      What enemy is Rouhani referring to. This thing started in China !!!
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                        If there is going to be any blame on China, in this case Wuhan city officials it would have to be for allowing the thousand families new year banquet on Jan 19 just days before they announce a lock down. That was crucial as tens of thousands of people attended and shared food.

                        The Thousands Households Banquet was held on January 19 in the city’s Baibuting neighbourhood, which is home to about 130,000 people, The Economic Observer reported on Wednesday.

                        Despite the coronavirus outbreak already being in full swing – and the first deaths reported – officials gave the go-ahead for tens of thousands to attend the annual feast, which is prepared by the families themselves, with each contributing and sharing dishes.

                        The mayor of Wuhan said on state television just days later that the threat posed by the coronavirus had been underestimated.
                        This lapse is being compared to the officials of Philly insisting on holding a war bonds rally back in 1917 with the resultant effect being the whole city got sick shortly after.
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                          Politicians are elected to serve...far too many don't see it that way - Albany Rifles! || Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it - Mark Twain! || I am a far left millennial!


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                            Great gesture. We should always help people in their distress, whichever way we can.
                            Politicians are elected to serve...far too many don't see it that way - Albany Rifles! || Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it - Mark Twain! || I am a far left millennial!


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                              India told Pak students in China, they will be evacuated, kept in quarantine in India for 2 weeks, before being sent to Pakistan, if Pak authorities gives India NOC. NOC didn't come.

                              Such is the mentality of the PA/ISI. Who've forgotten the Peshawar School attack, orchestrated by the PA/ISI to gain internal sympathy? If they can butcher their own children inside Pak, no wonder they'd think it's appropriate to leave Pak students in China, in this time of crisis.

                              Pakistan = Somalia with nukes. Yep, that's appropriate. Nukes ain't saving your children, the future of Pak, dumbasses. Learn, and act, before it's too late.
                              Politicians are elected to serve...far too many don't see it that way - Albany Rifles! || Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it - Mark Twain! || I am a far left millennial!