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Bali attack 'planned for 11 September'

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  • Bali attack 'planned for 11 September'

    Bali attack 'planned for 11 September'

    The deadly nightclub bombings in Bali last October were originally planned for the anniversary of 11 September, a court has heard.
    But Ali Imron, on trial for his suspected role in the attack, told a hearing on the Indonesian island that the bombs were not ready by then, so the date was changed, according to the Associated Press news agency.

    Ali Imron is the only person on trial for the Bali bombings to have expressed public remorse for the attack.

    "This incident has destroyed me," he said on Thursday, adding that it had "smeared" Islam.

    "Why did I, an ustadz (religious teacher), do things like that? How could I just obey and not think?" he said.

    Ali Imron's elder brother Mukhlas is accused of planning the operation.

    Another of his siblings, Amrozi, was sentenced to death for his role in the bombings earlier this month.

    Ali Imron said he doubted whether the militant group Jemaah Islamiah (JI), which has been widely blamed for the Bali bombing, ordered the attack.

    "As to whether it was a mission of the JI, I do not know. According to me it was not a mission of the JI because the majority of the JI do not like violence," the French news agency AFP quoted him as saying.

    "According to me, it could only be the work of Hambali and Mukhlas," he said.

    Hambali was arrested last week in Thailand, and is now in US custody at an unknown location.

    He is believed to have played a leading role in JI, and is blamed for a string of bombings across the region.

    Bombing roles

    Ali Imron said a man called Dulmatin, whom Indonesian police are still looking for, assembled the bomb, and a man called Abdul Ghoni mixed the explosives.

    Idris, who has been arrested for his suspected role in the attack, took care of accommodation, and Amrozi bought the van and chemicals to make one of the bombs, Ali Imron said.

    He said that he himself was only asked to help Amrozi. Prosecutors accuse him of helping to build the biggest bomb, which detonated outside Sari's night club.

    "What I have done was a mistake from a religious and nationalistic point of view. I think it was not a jihad bomb. What happened in Legian street was clearly not jihad," Ali Imron said.

    "I ask forgiveness from the Balinese, the Indonesian Government and people and also the Islamic community. My deeds have smeared Islam and troubled Muslims," he said.

    Meanwhile another Muslim teacher who is on trial for treason in Indonesia on Thursday lashed out at the "terrorist state of America" which had "stage-managed" his fate.

    Abu Bakar Ba'asyir wept as he accused the US, Australia and Singapore of targeting him because he wanted Islamic Sharia law in Indonesia.

    The cleric also repeated his claim not to be the spiritual leader of JI - despite police insistence to the contrary.

    "By Allah, I have never been appointed emir (leader) of what is called JI," he said.
    "Every man has his weakness. Mine was always just cigarettes."

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    And the Bali attack was what day in October? Just curious


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      October 12.
      "Every man has his weakness. Mine was always just cigarettes."