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U.S. military says Taliban set to retake power: report

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    What's your stance on how the exploration will end?
    No such thing as a good tax - Churchill

    To make mistakes is human. To blame someone else for your mistake, is strategic.


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      Cautiously optimistic.

      The present, temprorary split between Pakistan & US makes Pakistan more open to India.

      Pakistan is trying to make good with India to get back with the US.
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        The Afghans couldn't control Afghanistan. Good luck to Pakistan if they think they can do better.


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          If Pakistan & India can settle on a win-win instead of zero sum in Afghanistan the picture might be different.


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            You've got other players, Iran being the biggest challenge but Russia and China are not above wrecking this honeymoon.


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              I like the choice of the word honeymoon, it denotes a trouble free period, fixed but short in duration

              What surprised me about that article is that India is thinking of shipping the iron ore back. India does not need to import iron ore, we have lots already. My state is awash with numerous scandals of illegal mining. China is the customer. So i figured the Hajigak iron mine would be servicing China exclusively. But since we're 'exploring' this option it means its a CBM for something more.

              So why would the Chinese interfere, they have mining interests of their own in Afghanistan too. If they want it at bottom price then stability & security is important for them as well.

              I think Russia would be very happy its soft underbelly has the US spending so much efforts at stabilising. Why would Russia want to make waste of it.

              Energy, minerals and their sale thereof is the best hope that region has. Why fight when you can make money instead.

              However if you mean China would not like India & Pakistan to grow closer. This most favoured nation talk from Pakistan is yet to be implemented. Until then its just hot air.

              You've given me a partial answer as to why things are a little bit too calm between India & Pakistan.

              Honeymoon indeed
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