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    Originally posted by 1980s View Post
    Im not opposed to whatever relations Afghanistan and India want to develop together, i just dont share the Indian optimism that opening up Afghanistan via Iranian ports like Chabahar will realistically offer any major economic or political benefits to either Iran or India in the short or possibly long term either. For Chabahar to matter at all, Afghans need to show enthusiasm for it, which i dont believe they have. Iran after all, is second only to Pakistan on the Afghans list of most mistrusted foreign states. They dont want any more Iranian leverage over their economic and political affairs, which Iran already does exert in some parts of Afghanistan. While OTHO, Iranians do not want to make it easier for even more Afghan migrants to enter into Iran, as i mentioned before, which proposed new rail and road connections will do (despite some already being constructed). These are just two reasons why i think both Iran and Afghanistan have not seriously considered Chabahar in the way that Indians do.
    Actually, I think the port of Chah Bahar has been a victim to the slow moving Indian bureaucracy than it has been to any lack of interest from Iran or Afghanistan. As Gwadar port faltered in Pakistan, Chah Bahar went on the backburner. Now that the Chinese have stepped into Gwadar, India is again eyeing Chah Bahar. The Iranians have already invested $350 million in the Chah Bahar port, while the Indian MEA was still contemplating it's "investment options" for the port just last year.

    Infact, just did a quick search, and it seems India still hasn't put it's money where it's mouth is:

    India is set to sign a transit agreement with Iran, and invest over USD 100 million in the southeastern Iranian port city of Chabahar in order to facilitate the transportation of commodities to Afghanistan.
    PressTV - India to ink transit agreement with Iran to ship goods to Afghanistan
    Wonder how long it takes them to go from "set" to "go".
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      What peace can there be with these fanatical religious terrorists around?