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PAF in action against Kabul

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  • PAF in action against Kabul

    PESHAWAR: Pakistan Air Force planes went into action today and destroyed enemy mortar and machinegun positions, which had been attacking the two Pakistani posts of Miskinai and Sangpura in the Bajaur area since yesterday.

    Giving this information at a press conference at the Government House this evening, the Minister for States and Frontier Regions, Lt-Gen K.M. Shaikh, said that the Afghan Askaris were firing at these posts since last night, but Pakistan stood up courageously.

    He said this morning the air force was alerted, and it carried out reconnaissance of the enemy positions before blasting them to bits.

    Details of the air action have not yet been received, but according to the minister there was no casualty on [the] Pakistan side.

    Gen Shaikh said that Afghanistan had again infiltrated her troops into Pakistan territory during the last two days at three places. About 1,000 or more Afghan Askaris entered on May 19 in the Bajaur area at Sahi. And then again last night at Miskinai and Sangpura.

    Gen Shaikh said those Afghan soldiers who were wounded and have been captured have confessed that over 1,000 Afghan troops had infiltrated into Pakistan.

    When asked, he did not name as to which country had supplied arms and ammunition to Afghanistan. But he said it was obvious that “Afghanistan does not manufacture arms and is being supplied with these arms by some countries. The captured arms bear these markings as well.”

    Gen Shaikh described at length the Afghan policy over the so-called Pukhtoonistan issue and said “this is just a camouflage to protect the throne of Afghanistan by the Kabul ruling junta”.

    PAF in action against Kabul | Newspaper | DAWN.COM

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    Similar ground incursion from the Afghan side was attempted and repulsed in 1963.Here are some de-classified documents from overseas US espionage missions which record the 1963 incident.