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  • NYT has an opening for a business correspondent in India. Part of the requirement is being anti-modi.

    That's right, the position is for a business correspondent not gossip columnist.

    So you can already tell these people are about views not news.

    They want an activist not a correspondent.

    Not that this wasn't already blatantly obvious and called out numerous times for years now.

    But we see right here the how & why begins at the hiring stage.

    The ad's no longer up, either the opening got filled quick or taken down when Indian media got wind of it.

    Savio's got a nice expose on the backers of NYT & Twitter. Two of the top 5 funders are the same. Ergo the agenda is the same.

    We also have a third character in Soros who apparently has 1$ bn to blow against countries with nationalist movements. India in particular since he called us out at Davos last year.

    Why doesn't Soros direct his efforts at rights denying countries like China, Pakistan or NK if he's so concerned about liberalism ?
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    • Originally posted by Double Edge View Post

      Why doesn't Soros direct his efforts at rights denying countries like China, Pakistan or NK if he's so concerned about liberalism ?
      Soros is perfectly open about forcing through international socialism. National Socialism is the path to that.
      In the realm of spirit, seek clarity; in the material world, seek utility.



      • Given last Republic day was such a blast how about disrupting indpendence day as well and grab some headlines.

        ISI, Pannun trying to disrupt Red Fort I-Day function | Sunday Guardian | Aug 07 2021

        US-based Gurpatwant Singh Pannun and the ISI-backed organization that he represents, “Sikhs for Justice”, have called upon their supporters to “clog” Delhi roads with tractors and ensure that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is unable to hoist the Tricolour at the Red Fort. It may be noted that the SFJ has been totally silent on the atrocities committed on the Sikh community in Pakistan, mistreatment that is continuing to the present to silence from G.S. Pannun.

        Apart from this specific operation in Delhi, the ISI-backed “Khalistan” organizations, of which Pannun is a part, have exhorted their supporters to ensure no flag hoisting happens in Punjab, Kashmir, West Bengal, Assam and Maharashtra. Their plan, according to officials, is to create a law and order situation in and around the Red Fort area by converging in the region from different sides of Delhi on tractor.

        An official said that if these elements are unable to gather tractors for the purpose, they will try to take control of public transport like buses and create a law and order situation in the heart of Delhi. This is intended so that PM Modi is unable to reach the designated place (Red Fort) to hoist the Tricolour.
        What does flag hoisting have to do with anything ? See the list of states. Are they not Indian territory ?

        these are clearly anti national elements, funded by adversaries whose aim is India must be kept in a perpetual state of chaos.

        Yeah protests are legal. But when they get hijacked by miscreants who is responsible ?

        In India , NOBODY !!! This also means cannot accuse the state of employing agents provocateurs to disrupt protests.

        Who's been convicted as a result of the unrest this Jan for Republic day ?

        Who's been convicted as a result of the Delhi unrest last year ?

        But then CAA has been notified in Dec and so will the farm reform laws and these people can do whatever they want, what they cannot do is stop the course of acts passing parliament and BECOMING LAW !!!
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        • We'll let Tronic do his round of victory while the rest of us try to figure out what the hell just happened

          Tikait was not worth a taka and now gets to be hero -- Sushant Sareen
          A govt with a majority in parliament passed the farm laws a year ago of which a good few pages were spent arguing here in their favour and today Modi comes on air and tells us he's going to repeal them and apologises to the country. Eh !!! WHAT ?

          Yeah. An epic U turn that bodes badly for the internal security of this country.

          The part i don't get is how Modi can do such a good job when it comes to external security and completely botch up internal security. Just can't figure this out.

          It does not matter that Amit Sha as competent as he is gets over ruled by Modi (!)

          Every troublemaker and anti-national now knows exactly how to take this govt down.

          Whatever the reason, the state had buckled to anarchists !!

          Modi has sacrificed his queen in order to get the other guy's king. And i don't know WHO the other guy even is !!

          BJP won, India lost. India is going to pay the price for this over the years while the BJP goes on to win more elections. I don't even understand how this bit works because the haters are still not going to vote for him. If anything they are going to go after him even more from now until 2024.

          The govt lost the battle with Punjab's middlemen but must ensure it does not lose the war for the rest of the country.

          The Punjab farmers were just pawns.

          That's the thing. JUST Punjab makes GOI reverse itself. There was no traction against these farm reforms in the rest of the country. NONE!

          SO why back off !!!

          There will be the usual attempts to turn failure into some master stroke. These explanations need to be examined carefully.

          This whole business of guaranteed payouts, tax free income.

          How many farmers are there in this country earning in crores and yet not pay any income tax ? How long can this go on ?

          There is not even any honest debate happening on this point. There are rich farmers earning in crores, some of them in tens of crores and the entire sum is
          tax-free. it is people like us who are actually subsidizing such farmers and they are being glorified, romanticized in different ways in the media by certain andolan jeevis as the prime minister called that group. There is just no end to it.

          There needs to be an honest debate in this country on whether farming is a business or whether farming should be treated like an activity where there's a free pass and whoever does it will be coddled by the state in every way, shape and form possible where
          - you are given guaranteed purchasing
          - you are given tax-free income

          Who has that status ? nobody has such a status in the country.

          We are all obligated to pay our taxes, except farmers and frankly that is simply unacceptable -- Rajeev Mantri
          UP elections coming up next year, yeah. They won Assam and loads of bypolls in the last year so election purposes isn't the full story.

          Have we lost Punjab security now that the Jat Sikhs are emboldened ? Amarinder will come back and win in Punjab but there is more that will happen there

          Too early to say but i don't have a good feeling when troublemakers are appeased.

          This is going to take some time to figure just what the hell Modi and co. have in mind
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          • A book worth reading

            You are immediately taken when Rindsberg points out how the NYT reported that it was Poland that attacked Germany at the eve of WW2 (!)

            They are clearly anti-fascist yet their reporting during the 20s and 30s gave Hitler of all people the benefit of the doubt.

            Had a tough time finding a publisher because many were afraid of falling foul of the NYT down to even graphic designers.

            Long hailed as the bastion of journalism, the New York Times continues to have a dedicated readership in the US and in other parts of the world for its “factual” and “unbiased” coverage.

            But Tel Aviv-based journalist and author Ashley Rindsberg calls these beliefs into question in his recent book called The Gray Lady Winked.

            Rindsberg’s book, which documents through the ages how NYT reporters have suppressed facts and continue to peddle false narratives such as praising Hitler, ignoring famine in Ukraine - even when their competitors were covering the “real” story - suggests that the NYT not only has a preset agenda but it has long been dominated by a cult of “superstar journalists” who seem to believe that the story is what they make it.

            This is more than clear he states when it comes to its contrasting coverage of India and China.

            In India, Rindsberg points out, the NYT talks of the “rampant culture of sexual abuse” when a quick look at the statistics reveals sexual assault cases are a fraction of what they are in the US.

            In China though he states, the NYT continues to laud Beijing’s measures of handling the pandemic by approving “forced lockdowns” and relying on CPC data which is more “100% skewed.” In this way the NYT continues to peddle a false image of both India and China to the world.
            He boils down the issue the NYT has with India and Israel for that matter as nationalism and pluralism cannot co-exist.

            When the facts on the ground don't suit their narrative the NYT throws a fit

            Another with Kushal
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              Here is one idea that gets repeated in many ways.

              Paint the opposition as the villain

              Opposition right now is having a field day. Falling over each other to claim credit.

              This is a well planned political move to outsmart the opposition. The farmers can look forward to far better laws to protect their interests before the general election 2024. This is a strategy to make the real farmers come out in large numbers and demand that the 3 laws be implemented.
              This means we can expect to see a round 2 of these laws. A rewrite ? We'll see...

              Modi said he brought the laws in for the farmers but is taking them back for the country.

              Hmm, we will understand better what that line means in the coming days. All speculation right now.

              Something is cooking...
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              • In India agriculture is not an economic activity, it is a political activity -- Vijay Sardana
                If the intent to pass these laws was ostensibly economic their repeal is definitely political.

                Since RSTV became Sansad TV. Frank bailed and started his own channel and fortunately continues his big Picture show

                AIM's said it was about the Punjab elections. Tushar here is saying the same.

                It is not that BJP will win in Punjab. BJP is like 3rd or 4th choice.

                But chances are good Amarinder will and then go on to ally with the BJP

                This way BJP scuttles Congress as well as AAP. Or at least that is the plan.
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                • There is a simpler reason that has not been mentioned so far by most of these commentators.

                  Sushant gave me half a clue.

                  The farm laws passed Sept last. The Supreme Court put them on stay in Jan.

                  The idea was it would be for a couple of months until consultations could conclude.

                  They never did. The farmers rejected the committee the SC put together. Their report was delivered in a sealed cover and never made public.

                  So the laws remained in abeyance to the present day.

                  Modi decides it's a lost cause and pulls the plug. An irritant that he has put aside.

                  That could explain the apology he tendered in his repeal speech on Friday.

                  The protesters can claim victory but they no longer have any excuse to be on the streets.

                  There will be knock on second order effects that we will see as a result of this decision.

                  Farm Laws & Farmers Protests : Recap Of Eventful Supreme Court Hearings | Live Law | Nov 19 2021

                  People say if the farming laws can be repealed then why not CAA or even 370.

                  Supreme court did not stay those laws now did they
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                  • The purpose of the laws was to modernise the farming sector. The process has already begun at state level. The Gujarati's have begun modernising their own sector and attempting to dominate the markets. They've already occupied the retail sector using ecommerce distribution while most states were sleeping. Just buy any wheat/lenthil bag and read the owner and packing information. Karnataka is attempting do the same. Telangana is doing it.

                    The Punjabi's are trying to hold on to whatever markets they can but it's a lost battle. There will come a time when people will find private corporations becoming economical and govt enterprises will become a burden. At that time, the centre might finally exit the sick business of acquiring food grains.

                    The arrival on tata, adani, reliance etc into the farm industry might finally end this crap -
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                    • Gujarat to Bengal and down to TN, state govts have made progress on their own in the farming sector. They've had a good twenty years to do it. This is why we saw no protests even from opposition ruled states.

                      If the state govt of Punjab could not make the case then it was going to be harder for the centre to push it through. They tried.

                      Nobody has heard of MSP outside Punjab. The emphasis of subsidies elsewhere is on inputs not purchase price. Farmers outside Punjab have no problems selling their produce unlike the Punjabis who insist on a govt mandated price.

                      It now becomes clear that Punjab missed out on the reforms of the Narasimha and later eras. That is why they seem stuck in the 70s.

                      I will be more sympathetic to J&K in this regard because the insurgency ran much longer over there but Punjab was pretty much free of this trouble into the 2000s.

                      They sat on their hands and are now going to certainly fall behind.

                      There may have been other factors that swayed this decision. It's was taking on communal undertones where sikhs were being pit against non-sikhs.
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