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  • NYT has an opening for a business correspondent in India. Part of the requirement is being anti-modi.

    That's right, the position is for a business correspondent not gossip columnist.

    So you can already tell these people are about views not news.

    They want an activist not a correspondent.

    Not that this wasn't already blatantly obvious and called out numerous times for years now.

    But we see right here the how & why begins at the hiring stage.

    The ad's no longer up, either the opening got filled quick or taken down when Indian media got wind of it.

    Savio's got a nice expose on the backers of NYT & Twitter. Two of the top 5 funders are the same. Ergo the agenda is the same.

    We also have a third character in Soros who apparently has 1$ bn to blow against countries with nationalist movements. India in particular since he called us out at Davos last year.

    Why doesn't Soros direct his efforts at rights denying countries like China, Pakistan or NK if he's so concerned about liberalism ?
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    • Originally posted by Double Edge View Post

      Why doesn't Soros direct his efforts at rights denying countries like China, Pakistan or NK if he's so concerned about liberalism ?
      Soros is perfectly open about forcing through international socialism. National Socialism is the path to that.
      In the realm of spirit, seek clarity; in the material world, seek utility.



      • Given last Republic day was such a blast how about disrupting indpendence day as well and grab some headlines.

        ISI, Pannun trying to disrupt Red Fort I-Day function | Sunday Guardian | Aug 07 2021

        US-based Gurpatwant Singh Pannun and the ISI-backed organization that he represents, “Sikhs for Justice”, have called upon their supporters to “clog” Delhi roads with tractors and ensure that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is unable to hoist the Tricolour at the Red Fort. It may be noted that the SFJ has been totally silent on the atrocities committed on the Sikh community in Pakistan, mistreatment that is continuing to the present to silence from G.S. Pannun.

        Apart from this specific operation in Delhi, the ISI-backed “Khalistan” organizations, of which Pannun is a part, have exhorted their supporters to ensure no flag hoisting happens in Punjab, Kashmir, West Bengal, Assam and Maharashtra. Their plan, according to officials, is to create a law and order situation in and around the Red Fort area by converging in the region from different sides of Delhi on tractor.

        An official said that if these elements are unable to gather tractors for the purpose, they will try to take control of public transport like buses and create a law and order situation in the heart of Delhi. This is intended so that PM Modi is unable to reach the designated place (Red Fort) to hoist the Tricolour.
        What does flag hoisting have to do with anything ? See the list of states. Are they not Indian territory ?

        these are clearly anti national elements, funded by adversaries whose aim is India must be kept in a perpetual state of chaos.

        Yeah protests are legal. But when they get hijacked by miscreants who is responsible ?

        In India , NOBODY !!! This also means cannot accuse the state of employing agents provocateurs to disrupt protests.

        Who's been convicted as a result of the unrest this Jan for Republic day ?

        Who's been convicted as a result of the Delhi unrest last year ?

        But then CAA has been notified in Dec and so will the farm reform laws and these people can do whatever they want, what they cannot do is stop the course of acts passing parliament and BECOMING LAW !!!
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