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My book - 2022 India's two front war

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  • My book - 2022 India's two front war

    I've just written a book of a military-geopolitical novel sent in 2022. It is intended for a very niche readership - like those who make up the this community. Available on kindle / Amazon. (2022 - India's two front war)

    Summary: India fights a two front war with China and Pak in Oct 2022. Starting in Jan 2022, the first half deals with the economic and political compulsions, exacerbated by India's political and economic pressure on both countries,that cause Pak and China to collude in a war against India. India's minority government has a former Army chief as the Def minister and the national security team are given a fairly free hand to carry out significant military reform and a more robust approach to national security. Chi-Pak have a seemingly foolproof plan for a short sharp war to cause just enough damage to embarrass India, before a mid term election forced on the govt. The expected result would bring a more Chi-Pak friendly regime to power.

    The second part deals with the week long war, on land, air and sea. Unlike other books of this genre, every division of each country is accounted for on each day. All formation names are real (even village names) and are deployed where one would expect them to be. All weapons are what are expected to be deployed in 2022 - at least in theory. I haven't gone into micro detail, but there is a closer and more detailed look at strategy and operations - with the help of several maps. For the amateur enthusiast, there are a lot of snippets of our military history and a look at how our forces operate. For the hardware enthusiast, there are Tejas/Rafale/Brahmos, the Aircraft carrier Vikrant, Arihant class subs and some of DRDO's projects in action. There's also cyber and space warfare and a look at future military logistics.

    Coincidentally, the book mentions an Indian ASAT test and a Mig-21 and F-16 shooting down each other in Kashmir.

    Part of the proceeds go to army battle casualties (typically those injured in counter insurgency). I'd therefore like word to be spread among the military and veteran community. The book has been made free on kindle unlimited for a limited duration.

    I can be contacted on
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    Since it's free for a limited duration, pdf version?
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      Please download from Kindle unlimited (where it is free). One condition of the contract with Kindle unlimited is that I cannot distribute the e-manuscript elsewhere.
      In many places, Kindle unlimited itself has a free trial and you don't need a device to read the books.