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Indian pilot released

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  • Indian pilot released

    Tensions ease as Pakistan release downed Indian pilot .

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    No connection between the two.

    We've achieved our objectives which were non-military.

    We refused to allow him to be used as a bargaining chip.

    The international community has played a helpful role behind the scenes here.

    His release is expected as Pakistan is a signatory to the Geneva convention.

    Has Imran scored some Brownie points with the Indian public ? perhaps

    POW Return in 48h is a new record.

    Otherwise he has not delivered yet anything more as to issues still outstanding.
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      *cough*US twisted KSA & UAE's chicken neck*cough*billions of $ in aid for bankrupt Pak in danger* cough*weakened position diplomatically and miliatrily of Pak & PA*cough*Chinese doesn't want CPEC be bombed till kingdom come*cough*US position on India having freedom to retaliate to PA provocations through their proxies*cough*
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