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Stone pelting a conspiracy by Pakistan and its agents in Kashmir

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  • He wanted to run off to Turkey. We impounded his passport and put him under house arrest.

    Give him time to introspect about his future, his family and all those people he let down.

    And see the result.

    Amazing what some tough love can do.

    I'm so glad we saved him

    The man hasn't fallen, he has risen, again
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    • Thought this was too good to be true when i heard it. A major U turn

      But then he changes his mind 4 days later. The second U turn

      Even got called out by Dawn

      Foreign policy gaffes | Dawn | May 13 2021

      Ever wondered about that ceasefire on the LOC back in Feb and what made the Paks change their tune ? thank the UAE

      Why'd the UAE do it ?

      For Gulf petrostates, relations with India ought not to come at the expense of ties with Pakistan. As far as they are concerned, keeping relations with Pakistan on an even keel is a key component in arresting Islamabad’s swing away from traditional Sunni power centers, and toward Iran, Malaysia, and Turkey.

      On the other side of the equation, despite Pakistan’s occasional threats and tantrums, the fact of the matter remains that its economic and commercial ties with the UAE and Saudi Arabia remain too significant for it to ignore their concerns — and nudges — outright.
      UAE Brokered India-Pakistan Ceasefire: Report | Diplomat | Mar 22 2021

      The UAE it must be remembered decided to award Modi their highest civilian award a mere three weeks after the abrogation of 370 (!)
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      • A good discussion with General Kakar

        The general mentions that Bajwa asked for only two things wrt to Kashmir

        - Statehood
        - No demographic change

        Both are workable.

        GOI has already said if they behave themselves they can get their statehood back

        The domicile laws in J&K are the same as anywhere else in the country. Have to live there for 15 years to qualify to become a permanent resident.

        Bajwa did not say anything about 370. This is crucial.

        It is only the civilian govt that brings it up. And GOI's response to these statements has been nothing.

        In other words we no longer care what the civilian govt of Pakistan says.

        Talks right now are between the ISI chief and a rep from Doval. Between intel orgs.

        That is we are talking the army directly. Which was not our policy for a very long time. We always preferred to talk to the civvies and got no where.

        This is the second important point.

        Course what one army chief agrees to can be reneged on by his successor so there is nothing concrete to be expected by talking to Bajwa maybe a modus vivendi of sorts.

        The current state of affairs in Pakistan and its relationship with us is acceptable to India.

        If the Paks want a quiet eastern border its only because they anticipate a unstable western one when the Americans leave.

        Having said that we've already has one cease fire violation since Feb. Whether the LOC heat up later in the summer remains to be seen.
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