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21 killed as terrorists stage serial attacks to disrupt Kashmir polls

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  • Originally posted by commander View Post
    Well , after the first attack the policemen returned with injuries and the villagers now knowing what happened haven't done acted on it. How long will it take for his neighbour to turn his gun on one of the other's ?.....

    To be honest I haven't been in such a situation and am not sure how I will react at that moment. But we are talking about a whole village against a few. Come on...
    I understand your point, but the reality of the situation in villages is completely different. The dynamics that shape their behaviour and politics is alien to you and me.

    All of that didn't happen in broad daylight as you know and I am pretty sure if there were people around then things would have been different. Unfortunately in India the unity shown by the goonda's and rowdies are not shown by good men. Had they all stood up to them then things might have been different.
    That is because we all have an innate fear and the instinct to survive, the urge to hit back only comes when one of our own is in danger. That is the psychology of human nature.

    One person can't stand up to 15 or even 5 goonda's and can't fight cinematic fights and be the hero.
    Oh yes that is possible. Haven't you heard for the Gorkha soldier, Vishnu Shresta from 8 GR, who fought of 40 dacoits who were trying to rape a teenager in a train?
    All you need is moral and physical courage.
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    Cheers!...on the rocks!!


    • Originally posted by Oracle View Post
      You mean the terrorists fighting the GoI and it's forces and not the innocent Kashmiris?
      Yes or civilians from other states for that matter.

      This was a payback op isn't it, the IA has exterminated a lot of their comrades in arms.

      The IA is very willing to keep on doing that.

      Originally posted by Oracle View Post
      Haven't those terrorists butchered innocent Pandits as well as driven them away from Kashmir? And this is not the only or an isolated incident I'm pointing out.
      Right, this is why they should stick to the army.

      Originally posted by commander View Post
      Innocents is a strong statement. They are not innocent. You can cut the head of a terrorist group and make sure another head doesn't grow. But how do you fight an entire nation that's sole purpose of existence is to kill every Indian ?
      Civilians are innocent and should not be targeted by terrorism.
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      • So finally the two parties have come up with an agreement that will allow them to start administering the state.

        Agenda for Alliance: Full text of the agreement between PDP and BJP | DNA | March 01 2015

        It shall be the mission of the coalition government to be the most ethical state in the country from the present day position of being the most corrupt state.
        Sense of humour ?

        The Union Government has recently initiated several steps to normalise the relationship with Pakistan. The coalition government will seek to support and strengthen the approach and initiatives taken by the government to create a reconciliatory environment and build stakes for all in the peace and development within the sub-continent.

        The same will be pursued by taking confidence building measures such as, enhancing people to people contact on both sides of the LoC encouraging civil society exchanges, taking travel, commerce, trade and business across the LoC to the next level and opening new routes across all three regions to enhancing connectivity.

        The earlier NDA government led by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee had initiated a dialogue process with all political groups, including the Hurriyat Conference, in the spirit of “Insaaniyat, Kashmiriyat aur Jamhooriyat”.
        Vajpayee, take #2

        All lands other than those given to the security forces on the basis of lease, licenses and acquisition under the provision of the Land Acquisition Act shall be returned to the rightful legal owners, except in a situation where retaining the lands is absolutely imperative in view of a specific security requirement. In any case, monetary remuneration, be it in the form of rents or compensation should be made fairly at market rates.
        Protecting and fostering ethnic and religious diversity by ensuring the return of Kashmiri Pandits with dignity based on their rights as state subjects and reintegrating as well as absorbing them in the Kashmiri milieu. Reintegration will be a process that will start within the state as well as the civil society, by taking the community into confidence

        For the deprived groups, the coalition government will

        Work out a one-time settlement for refugees from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir of 1947, 1965 & 1971

        Take measures for sustenance and livelihood of the West Pakistan refugees.

        Extend all benefits accruing to the people living on the LoC to the people living on the International Border.

        Make the families of the victims in cross border firing qualify for benefits given under SRO 43.

        Construct shelters in vulnerable areas on the LoC and the International Border to prevent loss of life.
        This would have been difficult to achieve from two parties that have very different ideologies but have decided to move forward in the interest of the people.

        The twain shall meet | IE | march 02 2015
        Inside take by RSS Ram Madhav who was part of the negotiations.

        The J&K assembly elections have thrown up a difficult and complex verdict. Any government without BJP participation would have meant the exclusion of one full region of the state in the administration. Thus the options were restricted. And we decided to go for the most difficult, yet most durable, option — a PDP-BJP alliance.
        It took a full two months to stitch this alliance carefully. As Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed described it aptly, the two parties are like the “North and South Poles”. There were difficulties, highs and lows, as well as stalemates during the nerve-wracking negotiations.

        There were at least a couple of occasions when we almost decided to call off the talks and pack up. It was like the proverbial war of nerves.

        Yet we succeeded in the end because of two factors. First, neither side looked at government formation as arithmetic. We had a much larger objective in mind. We had a distinct mandate that needed to be respected. There was an opportunity to bring the people of Jammu and the Valley closer. As Mufti pointed out, the geographical distance can be covered in six hours; but the emotional distance couldn’t be covered in 60 years. We are also presented with the opportunity to decimate the emotional barriers between J&K and the rest of the country.

        Second, our success depended on the fact that we didn’t allow any extraneous factors to influence us. We kept the negotiations strictly under wraps, not with any ulterior intention, but to ensure that we don’t get distracted.
        This is how business gets done in the real world, takes hard compromises and a will to see it through. Lock the two up in a room and they only come out once they figure out how to proceed.

        There will be teething problems with either side speaking out of step or making inappropriate statements but i would give this one time to mature.
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