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Grand Mufti in Kashmir oppose Govt's plan to resettle Hindus

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    Originally posted by kuku View Post
    I seriously doubt your proposition that it is easier for the terrorists to cross the ocean and do a Mumbai or arrange an attack on the Indian parliament, than it is to attack military unit/establishment in Kashmir, or a bunch of villagers in Kashmir.
    Yep, you have to just consider any number of border incidents that occur on a regular basis.

    Originally posted by kuku View Post
    however as it appears when the Kashmiri Pandits or any significant population of Hindus start to settle in Kashmir, they will face violence from these groups, and from a very long history and the current state it is obvious to me that GoI will be entirely incapable of providing security, or peace.

    It is at the end of the day the choice of the Kashmiri Hindus and Muslims to live with each other or to chop each other to bits.
    And once the atrocities begin there is a chance of contagion spreading elsewhere in the country. Defenders of the faith of all stripes start to creep out of the wood work. Bombs start to go off in the name of whatever. A riot here another there. Opportunities for communal conflict start to open up.

    What we end up doing is creating more publicity about Kashmir. The thinking up to now was try to not internationalise the conflict. But that was at a time when the US had not got its fingers burnt as it just did dealing with Pakistan.

    Put it this way, if the yanks keep off our backs then whatever blowback can be dealt with. In some ways its seizing the initiative on an issue we long lost. What we've achieved to date is containment. We're not in the drivers seat yet.

    Thing is once we get our irons in the fire we will have to ride it out wherever it may lead.

    Who is ready to walk the talk ?
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