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Narendra Modi's push for Hindi struggles to translate in some states

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  • Originally posted by sated buddha View Post
    You are using dangerous words and inuendo here. What should I have read into them?
    Read what you would like to SB. As I stated don't consider everyone a rebel who will not agree with what the government says. I/We are not alone in this , for example as when the last government wanted to have it's Anti-Terrorist division in each state the states opposed that it reduces the importance of the state government. Is that called a revolt ? We are living in a democratic country for crying out loud and we have all rights to question the motives of our government.

    What I said is the fact shorn of all BS.

    The Congress left your people to slaughter by the Sri Lankans for your people killing Rajiv Gandhi.

    The other point you allude to is that the Sikhs became mainstream once more after the bloodletting of '84, but you guys are still the step children.

    I don't know about that. I have MANY Sikh friends (we were 14 when it happened) who are still mightily cut up and feel that they never got justice.

    What is your beef? Help us understand. As far as I know and can see, you are one of the richest most progressive and advancd states. With understandable water issues. Issues of ego about language (for nothing - you punch far above your weight in terms of numbers and representation at the Center). Issues of ego about ambitions of power at the center (join the club - we Maharshtrians are an equally aggrieved lot). And of course the issue of being abandoned by the rest of India (not just the north) when it came to Sri Lanka.
    yeah right. the facts you got are wrong. Indian Tamil people didn't kill Rajiv ,it was the LTTE which is your another freedom fighting bunch turned terrorist organization that killed him. Again , We are as patriotic as you are. Water issues is there with every state , there is no point in cribbing for it. But what irks is even when supreme court has given a verdict and the center doesn't even lift a finger to implement it, what do you want us to make out of it ? We are not asking you to side with us we are only asking you rightfully to be JUST. Ego about the language is there because we have all been taught about the greatness of our language and the richness and we just can't accept letting it die a painful death. We value our language and will do so for the seeable future. Are we asking you declare Tamil to be the national language , no. Are we asking you to declare Hindi as not the official language , no. We only want in our state the freedom to use our language. Do you know even now in the Madras High Court lawyers can't use Tamil ? Dont you think its not fair ? Not everyone is just fluent with English or not everybody can learn Hindi. Even in banks including private ones there are English and Hindi but no Tamil. How will a ordinary farmer find his ways within a basic system as bank if everything is so damn confusing ?

    Ambitions in taking part in the center is only of the few leaders and how many tamilians do you see as IAS or IPS officers, heck bar one none of the present or past CM's of TN had been a tamil. It has mostly been Telugu(karunanidhi), Mallu(MGR) and Kannada(Jayalalitha ironically) . We are past the mentality of only we should rule ourselves. We just don't want to treated like dirt and if the government can't even do that then how do you want us to feel, all glee and proud being a dirt ? If a fisherman from Gujarat or a farm worker from Punjab is abducted by the Pakistani force what would you do ? but when its happening in Tamil nadu that too at the rate of an alarming number ( our fishermen are caught in the numbers of hundreds) the Indian government doesn't even speak to the SL to release them or have never ensured their safety. Can't your beloved Modi Ji do that if he wants to ? he is not isn't it. I like Modi but these make me think twice about him.

    Also we had a beef when Indira Gandhi gave Kachchatheevu (the small island between India and Sri Lanka) which originally belonged to a Tamil royal family who allowed our fishermen to freely navigate , without even consulting us ? What do you think we should be doing, sit ideally. What if Tomorrow Modi gives about a 150 sqkm land to Chinese as a goodwill will you accept it ? obviously no ( I know Modi is not such type but giving you an example )


    Kachcha-thiva or Katchatheevu or Kachchativu (Tamil: கச்சத்தீவு) is a controversial uninhabited island administered by Sri Lanka. The island was originated because of oceanic eruption happened on 14th century, Rameshwaram also originated because of the same eruption. The island was originally owned by Ramanad Kingdom of Ramanathapuram district ( Tamilnadu ) before Indian independence. In 1974, India forcibly recognized the Sri Lankan ownership to the island on a conditional agreement. It has a Catholic shrine and has been declared as a sacred area by the government of Sri Lanka.
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      • Originally posted by ambidex View Post
        Look who is talking, a pathological liar who was blaming others but it was never the case.

        ^^ This is what you were saying and you were told to fuck off civilized way and asked humbly not to invent lies.

        Now you are personally attacking others by using words like honor etc.

        People are seeing all your types, who are grasping at straw, when whole thread has been debunked.
        You are blabbering. Incoherency in sentence construction is not a virtue, be it in Hindi or English, so could you please calm down.

        Honor is not a bad concept, unless you grasp at it like straws. (see what I did there;) )
        "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" ~ Epicurus


        • Originally posted by sated buddha View Post
          Even if Oracle fathered one, I'd be a gooey mess. That's how much I love them.
          I probably have one or two kids out there, I haven't been told about.

          Well, Hindi is slowly making inroads into Southern states. Probably because people from the North land up in South India for jobs or education. Hindi is widely spoken in Assam, but in other states - it's mainly the state capitals and towns. There are a lot of infrastructure/construction jobs in NE, where we see migrant laborers mainly from Bihar/North India, so in the next 5-7 years, even places that do not speak Hindi too would pick up this language. Which is good. As I said, let Hindi flow like rainwater and find it's own course. Trying to force it will only be met with rejection.
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