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Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army's Way of War

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    Originally posted by commander View Post
    Who is gonna take those immigrants in ? They would pretty much flee towards the west or go down the jihadist path. We can man our borders can't we. However prosperous they become their ultimate agenda is to disintegrate India and eat the bread crumbs while at it.
    Do you have a choice?


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      Originally posted by Cactus
      Dr Yusuf is projecting the Pakistani perspective onto India. For India, since 1963, it has never been a triangle - it has always been a triangular pyramid. The Pakistani perspective is two-dimensional: India, Pakistan and Superpower X (USSR in 1965 and 1971, USA in 1990 and 1999). The Indian perspective is be three-dimensional: On surface it is exactly like the Pakistani perspective, but there is always the ghost of China lurking in the background - dictating allocation of resources, operational timeline, etc.
      No, he's not both parties work off the third party since 1998. Before 1998 it was different to some extent. Thinking in a bilateral way and the US being external is no longer valid.

      Point is after '98 the pattern has been consistent and chances are it will hold into the future. There, now we have a framework to think about it.

      If one party isn't going to de-escalate without the presence of a third party then what can India do ?

      If the paks retaliate after the initial indian strike, it pushes up the reputational stakes for India meaning India won't settle unless its 2-1, 3-2, 5-4..

      That is when India would like the US to intervene. Basically India needs the US to hold the paks back and force a settlement.

      Originally posted by Cactus
      On the question of a counter-terrorism, you are going into the paralysis-though-over-analysis mode.
      What ?
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