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Afghanistan, Pakistan and the coming cluster.....

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  • Afghanistan, Pakistan and the coming cluster.....

    I am patiently waiting for the U.S. to get out of Afghanistan.

    My expectations are thus.

    1) Saving of money for the taxpayers

    2) Afghanistan spiraling into civil war and fracturing all over again.

    3) Pakistan spiraling into civil war as cross border clashes and actual permiability of the 'border' escalates and past transgressions are remembered, manipulations, by the ISI and payback spiral out of control.
    Full Blowback for Pakistan is expected.

    4) Both of these factors will increase self-determination in the region and perhaps insurgency in Uyughur areas in China will increase.

    Can U.S. Get out of Afghanistan? | The Diplomat[tt_news]=39289&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=6836ff48624b4dddd7cacf5b42b50656

    China typically exercises caution when making public statements about terrorist attacks in Xinjiang. When China blames attacks on Pakistan-based terrorist organizations, such as the possibly defunct East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), it risks adding tensions to the Sino-Pakistani “all-weather” friendship. [1] However, when China blames attacks on local Uyghurs it is tantamount to an admission that its policies in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region have not created a “harmonious society.”

    In unprecedented fashion, China recently pointed the finger at Pakistan after a February 28 attack in Yecheng, a city 200 kilometers from the oasis city of Kashgar, close to the border with Tajikistan. The Chairman of the Xinjiang Regional Government decisively remarked on March 7 that the attackers had “one thousand and one links” to Pakistan (Times of India, March 8). China further implicated Pakistan on April 6, albeit indirectly, when it published on the Ministry of Public Security website profiles of six Uyghurs from China who allegedly operate in “South Asia” as members of the ETIM. [2] Despite these allegations, there is almost no evidence that the recent attack in Yecheng was plotted from Pakistan and there are only inconclusive reports that the two major attacks in Xinjiang in 2011 were planned in Pakistan. there is scant evidence that recent attacks in Xinjiang have actually been plotted from Pakistan. It is possible that China is publically citing Pakistan as the source of terrorism in Xinjiang to put pressure on Pakistan for strategic purposes or to deflect attention from the regional government’s inability to contain outbreaks of violence in Xinjiang.
    Funny kinda if you think about how fast Allies become Enemies due to proximity and differing realities on the ground. Pakistan spiraling out of control trying to reach through ideological realignment of interests which is fomenting problems around it for both itself and others. Others try to reap gains from it for a while but after those are done its time to reap the pains and everyone turns on each other, alas the brew and stew that got prepared has to be shared by all.
    Originally from Sochi, Russia.