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    Originally posted by Stitch View Post
    Simple. Get India & Pakistan to use all of their nukes ON EACH OTHER; no more nukes, no problem. The only problem is getting the war started without leaving your fingerprints; THAT'S the creative part.

    Other than that, I can't think of a way to get EITHER country to voluntarily disarm.
    My oponion, with the use of nukes, both the countries will consider these weapons as legit warfighting tools. Using nukes does not destroy the capabilities, nor the technical know how.

    They will just rebuilt it. Ofcourse, there is a huge question if India and Pakistan will be allowed to rebuilt it.


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      Originally posted by DOR View Post
      It seems the moderators are still reviewing my suggestion for this project.
      Can't understand why.

      Originally posted by Doktor View Post
      Park 6-7 CVGs in the neighborhood
      Those numbers are going to be very hard to come by.
      Supporting or defending Donald Trump is such an unforgivable moral failing that it calls every bit of your judgement and character into question. Nothing about you should be trusted if you can look at this man and find redeemable value


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        Originally posted by TopHatter View Post

        Those numbers are going to be very hard to come by.
        I know.
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