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No foreigners' access to Pak nuclear assets

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  • No foreigners' access to Pak nuclear assets

    SOURCE:- No foreigners' access to Pak nuclear assets

    No foreigners' access to Pak nuclear assets

    Pakistan will not give any country access to its strategic nuclear assets in order to safeguard its national interests, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Thursday.

    Referring to media reports about the US seeking the accreditation of an official with Pakistan's National Command Authority (NCA), Qureshi said: ''These are national assets and there will be no compromise on (this issue).''

    He made it clear that no foreign official would be given any sort of access to the country's nuclear assets. ''National interests come first,'' Qureshi told reporters.

    Media reports had said that the US government had sought the accreditation of an official to be posted at the American embassy here with the NCA, the body that controls Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.

    The NCA comprises the President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Defence Minister and top civil and military officials.

    Pakistan's Foreign Office said on Wednesday that there is also no system to accredit foreign officials with the Strategic Plans Division, the tri-services body that maintains the nuclear arsenal and functions as the NCA.

    While decisions on the use of atomic weapons will be made by the NCA, the actual launch of the weapons is the responsibility of the SPD.

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    it all depends on the political situation in pakistan should the terrorist attacks get worse or the cross border terrorism attacks in afghanistan or india worsen (which is highly unlikely) US will get access to those nukes until then the world will have to respect Pakistan's sovereignty's


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      They'll have to do it secretly because if it becomes public... let's just say it won't be good considering people were rioting over the 'toons.